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Premiere: Adult Books – “Suburban Girlfriend” Video

Running from the Blows Due Out March 4 on Lolipop

Jan 26, 2016

On March 4, Lolipop and Burger are set to release Running from the Blows, the debut full-length from Adult Books. Ahead of the record, we're premiering the video for "Suburban Girlfriend," the album's lead single. More


Running from the Blows

Running from the Blows


Mar 09, 2016

A refreshing bit of beach gloom, Adult Books cast a hazy shadow from Los Angeles' generally sunnier Burger and Lollipop records mecca. Perhaps it's a reflection of the contrast between Adult Books' New Wave sensibilities and their hometown scene, but the band can show a bit of a split personality, alternating between excellent post-punk and pretty-good garage rock.  More