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Wednesday, February 24th, 2021  


Dehd Go to Summer Camp in the Amusing Video for “Haha”

Flower of Devotion Out Now Via Fire Talk

Oct 15, 2020

Chicago trio Dehd released a new album, Flower of Devotion, in July via Fire Talk. Now they have shared a video for the album’s “Haha.” The band’s Emily Kempf co-directed the video with Ryan Hart. More

Dehd Share Video for New Song “Month”

Flower Of Devotion Due Out July 17 Via Fire Talk

Jul 08, 2020

Chicago trio Dehd have shared a new song, “Month,” from their anticipated new album via an accompanying video. Flower of Devotion is due out July 17th via Fire Talk.  More

Dehd Share Video For New Song “Flood”

Flower of Devotion Due Out July 17 via Fire Talk

Jun 18, 2020

Dehd just keep getting better and better. Now the Chicago-based trio have shared "Flood," the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Flower of Devotion, due out July 17th on Fire Talk.  More

Dehd Announce New Album, Share Video for New Song “Loner”

Flower of Devotion Due Out July 17 via Fire Talk

May 11, 2020

“How can I be utterly alone and chill?” asks Emily Kempf of the Chicago-based trio Dehd on their new song “Loner.” The melancholy track is the lead single off the band’s just-announced forthcoming sophomore album, Flower of Devotion. More


Feb 04, 2021

According to Emily Kempf of the Chicago-based trio Dehd, emotions are like flowers. But like any living thing, they need to be nurtured in order to grow. More

Jul 16, 2020

Just a few years ago, Emily Kempf was roaming around the United States. She had just left her Atlanta home, and her band Back Pockets, and was looking to find a new scene. After an “insane” nine months of wandering, she wound up in the windy city of Chicago. It was originally on her lists of prospective locations, along with Oakland, California, and a small town in Northern Vermont. But, there was something about Chicago that just felt right. It fit like a glove—a clothing item she previously hadn’t needed while living under the sweltering Georgia heat. And soon enough, she met her future bandmate, Jason Balla at his gig at Animal Kingdom.  More


Flower of Devotion

Flower of Devotion

Fire Talk

Jul 17, 2020

Dehd is a band of paradoxes; they’re rock stars minus the glitz and glam, with a stipped down sound that includes only the bare essentials — a guitar, bass, drum, and the occasional synth. They laugh in the face of grief while marinating in their own despair to produce an album that feels like a gossamer sunrise shining over a hole-in-wall bar. Most noticeably, their incomparable genius is criminally underrated — but not for long. On their third full-length LP, Flowers of Devotion, Emily Kempf, Jason Balla and Eric McGrady embrace the two sides of a tarnished coin and cash it in for gold. More