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Saturday, March 6th, 2021  


Dec 08, 2014

Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets goes on a whimsical trip to the beach in their new video “Walk it Off.”  More

Premiere: Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets (Open’er Edition)

Festival Runs July 2-5 in Gdynia, Poland

Jun 30, 2014

On July 2, we’re headed to Poland for Open’er Festival. Ahead of the trek, we’ve asked a few of our favorite Polish bands playing the event to participate in our ongoing mixtape series. The newest mix comes from Warsaw’s Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets. More

Mar 18, 2014

Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets, who first won our hearts with their video “Storms,” is back with their new video “Dive Into.”  More

Oct 28, 2013

Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets is a Warsaw-based trio with a heart for Modest Mouse and a flair for Pavement-like riffs. More