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Tuesday, November 24th, 2020  


Feb 12, 2019

From his 1996 breakthrough film Trainspotting (about Scottish heroin addicts) to the zombie classic 28 Days Later to space thriller Sunshine to Oscars Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire, the career of British film director Danny Boyle has taken some interesting paths.  More

Nov 13, 2016

To open last night's Saturday Night Live Kate McKinnon both commented on the election and paid tribute to Leonard Cohen by covering his most famous and beautiful song, "Hallelujah," while in character as Hillary Clinton. Host Dave Chappelle also gave a great monologue and A Tribe Called Quest performed two songs. Watch videos of it all here. More

Watch Highlights of “SNL” Finale: Courtney Barnett, Fred Armisen, and The Lonely Island

Plus Carrie Brownstein, Paul Simon, and That Dead Poets Society Sketch

May 23, 2016

Saturday night saw the season finale to Saturday Night Live. Former cast member Fred Armisen was the guest host and Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist Courtney Barnett was the musical guest. Below are some highlights of the episode. More