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Late of the Pier — Coachella 2009: Day Three

Late of the Pier photo sets

Coachella 2009: Day Three


Oct 24, 2016

New Zealand's Connan Mockasin and England's Sam Dust (who records as LA Priest and is the former frontman of Late of the Pier) have teamed up to form Soft Hair. More

Listen: Soft Hair (Connan Mockasin + LA Priest’s Sam Dust) – “In Love”

Soft Hair Due Out October 28 via Weird World/Domino

Oct 04, 2016

New Zealand's Connan Mockasin and England's Sam Dust (who records as LA Priest and is the former frontman of Late of the Pier) have teamed up to form Soft Hair. The duo are releasing a self-titled debut on October 28 via Domino imprint Weird World and previously shared the album's first single, "Lying Has to Stop." Now here's another song from the album, "In Love," which is an impressive mix of the two artist's different styles. More

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Apr 16, 2009

We have posted to our website select previous Under the Radar interviews with some of the great artists playing the Coachella festival this weekend. If you're heading out to the festival, then check out these interviews at the links below to either give you a primer on an unfamiliar artist or remind you why they are one of your favorites whose set you will definitely be catching. Even if you're not hitting the desert festival, this is a great collection of back issue content newly posted to the site. More


Late of the Pier

New-Wave Fantasies

Nov 01, 2008

Back in their home base of Donnington, England, Late of the Pier’s career started with a jumbled mess of dusty synthesizer equipment, guitars in various states of disrepair, and scattershot drum kits. The band’s keyboardist/sampler, Sam Potter, remembers those early days stuck in a musty attic well. “Our singer/guitarist Sam [Eastgate]’s dad played in a couple bands in the ’80s,” Potter explains. “A lot of the original instruments we played came from that attic. We used to practice with this old battered blue drum kit and this old guitar that was covered in comics. We used to get stoned and just go crazy.” More


Coachella 2009 Day Three

April 19th, 2009

Apr 23, 2009

On day three of Coachella My Bloody Valentine threatened to burst a thousand eardrums. As we entered the festival site around 12:30 PM they were handing out complimentary earplugs in anticipation for the aural attack. Other highlights included a blood-splattered Fucked Up, an energetic Friendly Fires, and the incredibly strange Throbbing Gristle. More

Fantasy Black Channel

Fantasy Black Channel


Nov 01, 2008

These guys are getting a lot of Klaxons comparisons, appropriate enough given their youth and the club-readiness of their songs. They’re launching from that same nu-rave and dancepunk postmodern platform, for sure, but they’ve got an ear to the past and a complete unwillingness to filter their work. More