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Neil Hamburger

America’s Funnyman Opens Up

Jun 01, 2011

Of all of the comedians who traverse the landscape stretching between the music and comedy scenes, it’s possible that none has become more synonymous with that intersection than Neil Hamburger. Wearing a tuxedo and a greasy comb-over, the alter ego of Gregg Turkington emerged in the early ’90s and became a curiously cranky counterpoint to the sardonically detached underground comedians of the era, delivering question/answer jokes in poor taste and with bad timing. More



Studio: Magnolia
Directed by Rick Alverson

Nov 10, 2015

Comedian Neil Hamburger, like director Rick Alverson, is probably most often described to the uninitiated as “not for everyone.” This isn’t because of their work going over the audience’s head; they aim lower, like a gut punch. Both can do serious damage. More

Hot February Night

Hot February Night

Drag City

Aug 15, 2010

Neil Hamburger's is the kind of act that Andy Kaufman would have wished he'd thought of first. Gregg Turkington portrays Neil Hamburger, a blowhard, old-school comedian who is constantly clearing his throat and regularly berating his increasingly agitated audiences. More