Sufjan Stevens Hits the Road With The BQE

String Quartet Osso Will Be Providing the Soundtrack

Oct 28, 2009

Busy man Sufjan Stevens is hitting the road with a celebration of life on the road. For four nights, he'll be joining Enjoy Your Rabbit-loving string quartet Osso to introduce his film, an ode to the joys of commuting, The BQE. More

Jul 09, 2009

Sorry, there's no news on Sufjan Steven’s perpetually on-hiatus 50 states project. However, on October 6th, Stevens' Asthmatic Kitty imprint will release Osso Quartet’s debut albuma re-imagining of Steven’s sophomore album, an ode to the Chinese Zodiac called Enjoy Your Rabbit. The new album, now titled Run Rabbit Run, will feature original artwork from artist Jessica Dessner. More