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Jun 30, 2015

Last weekend, Oslo, Norway hosted Piknik i ParkenMore

Dec 30, 2013

Sweden’s Postiljonen is closing out a banner year with a new video for “On the Run,” a cut from their excellent debut album, SkyerMore

Watch: Postiljonen Perform On Swedish TV Show, “Greetings From”

Session to Appear on Band’s Forthcoming EP

Oct 10, 2013

Recently, “Pleased to Meet You” artists Postiljonen appeared on Swedish web session series Greetings FromMore

Jul 08, 2013

Year after year some Scandinavian solo act or outfit starts to make the rounds earning some seriously buzzworthy praise. More



Memory Messengers

Nov 08, 2013

The cool, breathless dream pop on Postiljonen's debut, Skyer, has a transportive quality to it. Their rolling synthesizer lines and love for big, audacious saxophone solos may call back to some of the 1980s' cheesier pop songs, but in this producer trio's skilled hands, it never feels anything but earnest and modern. It's their sound's ability to induce nostalgia that gave the project its name.




Best Fit Recordings

Apr 14, 2016

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. If you like dreamy synthpop, this is the album you've been waiting for. Even Postiljonen's breakup songs give sensual shrugs of commanding confidence. And whatever way the romance is going, most of these tunes are pulling you straight for the dance floor and won't take "no" for an answer. More



Best Fit

Aug 06, 2013

Despite their Scandinavian roots, hotly tipped trio Postiljonen aren't exactly what you'd call a winter band. The airy soundscapes and melting synth lines of the trio's debut long-player swoon to the romantic, carefree chords of a late summer evening that stretches on until dawn.  More