Mark Hollis of Talk Talk: A Life (1955 - 2019)

The Singer is Dead at Age 64

Feb 25, 2019

Mark Hollis' death was very much like the latter part of his life-shrouded in mystery. When the singer and principal songwriter in Talk Talk quietly retired from music in 1998, he was barely heard from again. More

Talk Talk - “Spirit of Eden” Turns 30

Reflecting on the Influential Album Originally Released on September 16, 1988

Sep 17, 2018

"It was very, very psychedelic. We had candles and oil wheels, strobes going, sometimes just total darkness in the studio. You'd get totally disorientated, no daylight, no time frame." So goes the story, told by Talk Talk's engineer Phil Brown, when discussing the synth pop-turned-art rocker's landmark 1988 album Spirit of EdenMore