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Sunday, November 17th, 2019  
Hard Rock Corner: Ecstatic Vision

Sep 18, 2019 By Frank Valish

Philadelphia psych-rock fourpiece Ecstatic Vision premiere their new album, For the Masses, in full.  More

Japan’s Wild World of Mascots Adds Rugby World Cup’s Ren-G To Its Ranks

Sep 17, 2019 By Joshua Mellin

Nowhere is Japan's love of all things "kawaii", or cute, more on display than the seemingly endless display of cartoon-like mascots.  More

PLAYlist 46: The Estates

Aug 30, 2019 By Austin Trunick

The Estates has turned my mild-mannered gaming groups into the meanest, most thoughtless bunches of jerks ever assembled around a dining room table. More

PLAYlist 45: Nobjects

Aug 16, 2019 By Brad Walton

Nobjects is the brainchild of Ludovic Gimlet and produced by Pegasus Spiele. More

On the Last Day of Your Life, Don’t Forget to Die: Remembering David Berman

Aug 09, 2019 By Timothy Michalik Web Exclusive

America lost one of its greatest contemporary songwriters on Wednesday. It also lost its most aberrant, bizarre, and beautiful writer. Would it have gone any other way? For an artist so obsessed with mythologizing the self, I don't think so.  More

PLAYlist 44: Memoir ‘44 and New Flight Plan expansion

Aug 05, 2019 By Austin Trunick

We revisit a modern classic of wargaming and its latest add-on module. More

Passion and the 2020 Democratic Primaries or The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Jul 30, 2019 By Steve King

Who wants to read about Democrats?! Still awake? Okay. So we're only dealing with a handful of people but, yes, 20-something others were/are/forever running for president.  More

Reissued and Revisited: Motown: The Complete #1s

Jul 17, 2019 By Frank Valish

Motown: The Complete #1s is a remarkable and remarkably comprehensive document of one of America's greatest record labels. It deserves to be listened to from the first track on the first disc to the final cut on disc 11.


PLAYlist 43: Bubble Tea

Jul 12, 2019 By Austin Trunick

Arrange colorful critter-characters into fancy tea drinks in the fast-paced dice game, Bubble TeaMore