Oct 28, 2016 By Chris Duncan Web Exclusive

Scotland's C Duncan (aka Chris Duncan) released his acclaimed debut album, Architect, last year via FatCat. It was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize and was a gorgeous collection with shades of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear in its multi-layered harmonies. More

Oct 26, 2016 By Matt Fink Web Exclusive

There's a small moment in The Walking Dead's season one finale "TS-19," where Rick Grimes tells Dr. Edwin Jenner that he's "grateful" that he and his group have been allowed to enter the safety of the CDC. "The day will come when you won't be" is Jenner's grim reply.  More

Oct 19, 2016 By Jamie Lidell Web Exclusive

Food, much like music, is a common and personal thread we all share. Our recurring guest feature I Can Cook, Too spotlights artist-submitted recipes and the stories behind them. This instalment features a recipe from Jamie LidellMore

Sep 18, 2016 By Jason Wilson

We’ve reached the finish line. There are screenings beyond the final Friday, and I’m sure I’ve missed some excellent pieces of cinema – it’s unavoidable with a slate as varied and massive as TIFF’s. All in all, it was a fantastic festival. And even if my final day didn’t reach the heights of other days, there wasn’t a poor film in the bunch, which is encouraging.  More

Sep 17, 2016 By Jason Wilson

Amy Adams is the heart pumping blood and soul into Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. Without her, this could have been a complete fiasco. At the very least, it would not have worked nearly as well without her selling the conceit as strongly as she does. Under much scrutiny, I’m not convinced Arrival will hold up very well, but as a message-heavy sci-fi yarn, it’s not bad.  More

Sep 16, 2016 By Jason Wilson

I have realized it’s wrongheaded or shortsighted to create a schedule for a film festival before it even starts. Prior to the beginning of TIFF, three of the four movies I caught on Wednesday were nowhere near my radar.  More

Sep 15, 2016 By Jason Wilson

Through five days, I’ve seen several wonderful pieces of cinema that I know will be in my head come the end of the year, specifically Manchester by the Sea and Paterson the more I think of them. It was inevitable, then, that a day would come along where the best of the day was pretty decent and it promptly went downhill. Welcome to Day 6. More

Sep 14, 2016 By Jason Wilson

The magic of the movies, it’s why we become film buffs. It’s why fools like me will sit through four screenings a day for 10 days. I love film. More

Sep 13, 2016 By Jason Wilson

Day four at TIFF 16 featured four movies, each with a distinctly different mystery guiding the action, and they succeeded at varying levels. More