Sep 14, 2017 By Jason Wilson Web Exclusive

We're a week in, and I finally caught up with Greta Gerwig's directorial debut, Lady Bird. This garnered a massive amount of fanfare following its premiere, and I wish I had managed to get into that. More

Sep 13, 2017 By Jason Wilson Web Exclusive

Let's work backwards. It's 1:30 in the morning here in Toronto, I just got in from S. Craig Zahler's latest Brawl in Cell Block 99, and I'm wired but need to sleep. Midnight Madness, as I've professed in this space before, is my favorite part of TIFF. It's not because it features the best, most thoughtful films of the year, and it isn't always high art.  More

Sep 12, 2017 By Jason Wilson Web Exclusive

Indulge me a moment while I step up on a soapbox. One of my biggest pet peeves about going to the cinema, something that is occasionally amplified during festivals, is audience behavior.  More

Sep 11, 2017 By Jason Wilson Web Exclusive

Buzz is tricky around a film festival. Being too in tune with what the hive mind of critics and patrons and industry folk are talking about, you may be influencing your opinion too much without even knowing it.  More

Sep 10, 2017 By Jason Wilson

Three strong films for day three: The Death of Stalin, Thelma, and The Florida Project.  More

Sep 09, 2017 By Jason Wilson

The key to surviving (being used VERY loosely) a film festival is being prepared and knowing where to get coffee.  More

Sep 08, 2017 By Jason Wilson

The first day of TIFF is always hectic, especially if you schedule your screenings with eager over-exertion. In my case, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.  More

Sep 08, 2017 By Stephen Mayne Web Exclusive

We have deals struck, and dubious friends treated dubiously this week. Oh what it is to see a little Republican discord. There's also Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the mistreatment of dreamers, the good side of Charlottesville, and a taste of Vitamin C on offer. More

Sep 01, 2017 By Stephen Mayne Web Exclusive

Texas dominates this week as Hurricane Harvey continues to cause mass suffering. Humanity shows its ugly side in such moments, but also its best face. We also include North Korea, tax plans, Russia, and Yeasayer. More