Oct 10, 2013 By Janet Weiss Web Exclusive

Forgotten Songs is our recurring series where a musician or one of our writers picks a song they love that they feel has been overlooked. For this Forgotten Songs, Janet Weiss of Quasi and Wild Flag (and formerly of Sleater-Kinney) writes about Elyse Weinberg's 1968 song "Houses" (released simply under the name Elyse).   More

Oct 09, 2013 By Austin Trunick

Zero Time, is the first of two albums put out by the duo Tonto’s Expanding Head Band in 1971. More

Sep 13, 2013 By Austin Trunick

These two rare releases from this semi-obscure P-Funk offshoot are minor lost gems. More

Aug 27, 2013 By Michele Yamamoto

The downtempo Los Angeles trio White Dove showed their creepy side in "Sister," the first video from their recently released The Hoss, The Candle. Well, we're happy to say that they have a sense of humor as well, and we've got the exclusive video premiere to prove it. More

May 30, 2013 By Jamie Lidell

When we asked Jamie Lidell to take a self-portrait, he provided several. We also asked him to write a list of personal things-interesting facts that perhaps Lidell's fans may not know about him. Earlier this year the British soul singer/songwriter/musician released his latest album, simply titled Jamie Lidell, on Warp. He's currently based in Nashville. More

Apr 22, 2013 By Trevor Powers Web Exclusive

My favorite movie of all time is Castaway. Tom Hanks is my all-time favorite actor. There's something about that movie that just takes me to a different place. I first saw it shortly after it came out. I think I actually saw it at a dollar theater in Boise. I remember when it came out. I was in Las Vegas. I was youngerobviously. When I came back to Boise I saw it at a cheap theater. More

Apr 21, 2013 By Michele Yamamoto

KCRW, the Santa Monica, California-based public radio station, hosted exclusive and intimate performances including Glen Hansard with Sam Beam, and Vampire Weekend. More

Apr 16, 2013 By Jeremy Nisen Web Exclusive

There's a scene in the second issue of Suicide Squad (written by John Ostrander; pencils by Luke McDonnell, inks by Karl Kesel) where the absolutely absurd Flash villain called Captain Boomerang is fighting a terrorist super-villain from a fake Middle Eastern country. More

Apr 15, 2013 By Michele Yamamoto

I will spare you the long, glowing version of the recap and give it to you in interwebs-friendly list form and some photos. More