Mar 14, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

I'm feeling optimistic and happy. Hope it lasts, the deepest winter awaits us, we'll see how it goes… More

Feb 14, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

The flight from London to Sydney is brutal. It's actually debasing. You end up being more animal than human by the end of it, and by the time we arrived in Brisbane I was convinced I was in a waking dream. More

Feb 06, 2012 By Laura Studarus

Frengers first crossed my ears in January of 2005. Entering the final stages of a degree in Film Production, I considered myself an “artist”—a dreamer of dreams, a hoper of hopes, and journalier of all matter of poetic crap (wherein the previous two phrases actually made an appearance). Having recently suffered the combined reality check of film school classes run amuck and mind-numbing internships, it became imperative to study abroad. More

Jan 28, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

Poland. Berlin. Amsterdam. Paris. London. Home stretch. NYC admittedly took every ounce of anything out of me, and after sleeping for a scant two hours on Thanksgiving, we piled into the van and headed to JFK. More

Dec 03, 2011 By Morgan Kibby

We had a double header last night in Seattle, and all I can say is: Wow. More

Nov 22, 2011 By Morgan Kibby

Hello friends. My name is Morgan Kibby and I play in M83. This is my tour diary.  More

Aug 15, 2011 By Frank Valish

The third installment of this blog takes UTR down to Lancaster, PA to see country music superstar Merle Haggard. More

Jun 27, 2011 By Laura Studarus #36 - Music vs. Comedy

In honor of our Music vs. Comedy issue (on stands now) we asked a few musicians to film a video of themselves telling us their favorite joke. Our fifth installment features Art Brut