Aug 01, 2012 By Alex Brown Church

I did my last Sea Wolf tour supporting the 2nd Sea Wolf album, White Water, White Bloom, in Germany in December 2010.  It was a solo acoustic tour, and I was out there by myself supporting a Danish band called Kashmir, whom I'd never met before. They were all great guys, and it was a lot of fun overall, but I got a little bit of the tour-blues just before the very last show in Hamburg. 


Jul 05, 2012 By HOTT MT

Last week, Flaming Lips set a new world record for the number of concerts performed in a day. During their eight-show mini-tour across the south, they joined up with a number of bands that served as onstage support during their fifteen-minute sets. We asked one of those bands, HOTT MT, to report back about the experience.


Jun 27, 2012 By Laura Studarus

Even as an adult, the results of my sheltered childhood are evident. No matter how hard I try, I give off a wholesome Midwestern glow. Or so people say—which is funny, since I grew up some 60 miles outside of Los Angeles. Not that I mind. More

Apr 30, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

It was apparent that it was that point of the tour: survival mode. More

Apr 15, 2012 By Michele Yamamoto

Live blogging Coachella day three. More

Apr 14, 2012 By Michele Yamamoto

Second day, live from Coachella. Check back throughout the day for updates here and on our Twitter and Instagram accounts! More

Apr 13, 2012 By Michele Yamamoto

Good morning! I'm currently sitting in my Motel 6 room getting ready for the first day of Coachella 2012. We're going to try this new live-blog format in which blog. We're all gonna get through this together, fingers crossed. Keep checking back for updates directly from the field! And don't forget to check out our Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates.  More

Mar 14, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

I'm feeling optimistic and happy. Hope it lasts, the deepest winter awaits us, we'll see how it goes… More

Feb 14, 2012 By Morgan Kibby

The flight from London to Sydney is brutal. It's actually debasing. You end up being more animal than human by the end of it, and by the time we arrived in Brisbane I was convinced I was in a waking dream. More