Eagulls’ Exclusive Post Punk Playlist

Nov 06, 2013 By Michele Yamamoto
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Fresh from their well-received appearances at CMJ last month, Leeds-based band Eagulls have put together a little playlist winding from Post Punk through New Wave and on to Krautrock. Enjoy!


Flux of Pink Indians - "Tube Disasters" 

This track is so explosive and abrasive. With trademark flux guitars, razor sharp, high-pitched, and shrill like a little 50cc crosser going full pelt down the back street. The way it bursts out of the neu smell poem at the beginning brings the hair up on the back of my neck.


Psychic TV - "The Orchids" 

Beautiful song, best heard through headphones as it was recorded using Holophonics. One of the many instruments used to record the album this track is from was a Tibetan Kangling, which is the thigh bone of a criminal or someone who died a violent death! I want this song at my funeral.


Grauzone - "Der Weg Zu Zweit" 

Really eerie feel to this repetitive and overbearing song. It feels reserved yet urgent at the same time. With vocal abilities only just on the right side of competent, it adds a sense of vulnerability, naivety, and sincerity to the music.


The Human League - "Dreams of Leaving"

Epic mini electronic opera dealing with the paranoia and pressure of the rat race then finding redemption and comfort in conformity and the mundane. The innovative sounds created by Ian Marsh and Martyn Ware make it all to easy to overlook Philip Oaky's great lyrics, but do so at your own loss.


Rema Rema - "Fond Affections"

Short lived early 4AD band, a member of whom went on to form Adam and the Ants! This track has a very minimal and raw sound. Sharp bursts of electrifying synth and guitar cutting through the swirling hypnotic bass line reiterating the sentiment of the lyrics. Such a brilliant alternative pop song, a bitter anti-love song for the cynical and pessimistic.


The Royal Family and The Poor - "I Love You (Restrained in a Moment)" 

A haunting song with an infectious bass melody underpinning gliding synths and soft reassuring backing vocals. I gather from the lyrics this song is about questioning your purpose and the uncertainty of never truly knowing all the answers but to have the confidence to carry on regardless. 


Blitz - "New Age" 

The Blitz in their prime, this was the first ever Blitz song I heard, which was on a mix CD given to me when I was 16, and it's been one of my favourite songs ever since. A perfect punk song about raw teenage angst that gets my adrenaline pumping every time I hear it.




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