My Favorite Thing: Youth Lagoon on Castaway

Trevor Powers on his Favorite Movie

Apr 22, 2013 By Trevor Powers Web Exclusive
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My favorite movie of all time is Castaway. Tom Hanks is my all-time favorite actor. There's something about that movie that just takes me to a different place. I first saw it shortly after it came out. I think I actually saw it at a dollar theater in Boise. I remember when it came out. I was in Las Vegas. I was youngerobviously. When I came back to Boise I saw it at a cheap theater.

One of my best friends, it's his favorite movie too. We had never talked about it for a long time. When we talked about it, it was a very uniting moment. I think what I like about that movie the most is that all the pieces are planned out. The writing behind it and the way it was directed, everything has a reason. I guess I'm just attracted to things that have very high and very low points and emotion. That's probably why I related to it.

I probably own it on every form that you can own it. I bought it a long time ago on VHS, and then I got it on DVD, and then when I got a Blu-ray player I bought it on Blu-ray. I probably watch it every six months or something. It never gets old. I could watch it all the time, but I try to give myself a break. Most people that I tell it's my favorite movie say it's kinda boring. Most people are just kind of surprised. I don't care. It's my favorite movie. 




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May 23rd 2013

Seriously? Was this review written by a ten-year old? Wow Trevor. Perhaps a writing class is in order….

By the way, I’m a fan of your music. That said, your performance at week 1 of Coachella seemed amateurish and somewhat insensitive to the audience. Starting almost 20 minutes late, with no apology, and hollering at your bandmates and soundmen, does not endear you to fans. Just a thought. Oh, and trying to engage with the audience may help as well.

January 4th 2018

good effort.