Reissued and Revisited: Marshall Crenshaw

Field Day Expanded Edition [Intervention Records]

Mar 01, 2018 By Frank Valish Bookmark and Share

For those who might not know, Intervention Records is a label started in 2015 that specializes in creating high-quality vinyl reissues, remastered from the best quality analog sources and pressed on ultra-quiet 180 gram vinyl.

Recently, Intervention lent its expertise to Marshall Crenshaw's sophomore album, 1983's Field Day. Capitalizing on the success of the Beatles- and Buddy Holly-inflected power pop of his self-titled debut, Field Day was a record that retained the previous album's pop smarts while increasing the sonic heft.

Intervention's reissue restores Field Day to all of its glory. The guitar and bass pop from the speakers, augmenting the pure pop melodies, from the opening chime of "Whenever You're On My Mind," a leftover from the debut album, to the drum/bass boom of "Our Town," the melodic jaunt of "One Day With You," and the beautiful melancholy of "All I Know Right Now."

As an added bonus, the reissue adds to the album proper the US Remix 45 RPM EP, ironically released only in the U.K. one year after Field Day. "Our Town," "For Her Love," and "Monday Morning Rock" sound leaner here than on the album proper where they are more so engulfed by guitar/bass/drums, and the live rendition of Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" is absolutely essential. The Extended Mix of "For Her Love," which makes up the entire b-side of the additional 12" record included in this package, adds a nice touch.

The physical packaging here is as impressive as the music, the records encased in beautiful high gloss gatefold sleeve and with new artwork (Crenshaw never liked the original art). The new art is clean, red, white, and blue, a stately reminder of the worth of the music therein.

The only possible quibble is the fact that the reissue contains no liner notes. There is no extensive essay documenting and contextualizing the music, something that has become part and parcel of album repackaging these days. But Intervention's mission is an aural one. The music, recreated faithfully and at its most perfect sounding, is what matters. All else is incidental.

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