Apr 28, 2010 Web Exclusive

For two men, multi-instrumentalists Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell (aka The Big Pink) make a lot of noise, crafting billowing layers of synth in a melodic sonic assault. Despite prepping for the unenviable task of playing a set opposite Thom Yorke, the former Pleased to Meet You artists, sat down with Under the Radar at Coachella to drop tantalizing hints about their new sound and why when it comes to their career, bigger is better.   More

Apr 27, 2010 Web Exclusive

Earlier this year, vocalist/keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scallyalso known as Beach Housereleased their third album, Teen Dream. A collection of gauzy chamber-pop songs so enchanting Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste repeatedly twittered about its "insanely perfectly gorgeous amazingness," the album has garnered the hard-working duo a string of well-deserved accolades and (very) preemptive declarations of "best album of the year." Under the Radar caught up with the pair at Coachella between their set and a well-deserved dinner to discuss youth, sex, and working on the road. More

Apr 26, 2010 Web Exclusive

One of the bands lucky enough to be Stateside before the Icelandic volcano eruption cut off flights from the U.K., Scottish indie poppers Camera Obscura were counting their blessings when we caught up with them at Coachella.  "We do feel for them because that's the sort of shit that would happen to us!" said keyboardist Carey Lander with a laugh. Under the Radar sat down with the ladies of Camera ObscuraLander and bandleader Tracyanne Campbellto chat further about acts of God, record sales, and why Yo La Tengo might hold the key to their future (maudlin) career. More

Apr 23, 2010 Web Exclusive

After 32 years and 11 studio albums, Echo & the Bunnymen have become rock mainstays, influencing a new generation of synth-worshiping, post-rockers both at home in the U.K. and abroad. Under the Radar sat down with lead Bunnymen Ian McCulloch at Coachella to discuss the band's legacy, creative process, and taking the show on the road. More

Apr 22, 2010 Web Exclusive

For Florence Welch, also known as Florence and the Machine, the past few years have been a whirlwind, transforming her from art-school dropout to Mercury Prize nominee for debut album, Lungs. Still flush from her dynamic Coachella performance, the redhead songstress sat down with Under the Radar to discuss her new "scientific" sound, cover songs, and collaborating with her hero, David Byrne. More

Apr 21, 2010 Web Exclusive

Power pop duo Matt and Kim never seem to stop moving. After last year's sophomore release, Grand, the duo have stayed busy, prepping a follow-up album and tour, while still finding time to snag an MTV "Breakthrough Video" award for their bare in Times Square video, "Lessons Learned." Under the Radar caught up with the cheerful twosome at last weekend's Coachella festival to talk about their new album, Erykah Badu, and dirty rock 'n' roll. More

Apr 15, 2010 Issue #31 - Spring 2010 - Joanna Newsom

The night The Love Language's Stuart McLamb found out he was getting signed to Merge Records, he was arrested. "This is going to sound like I make all this stuff up, but it's all true," says the North Carolina native, sitting down to talk shortly after performing his second of four shows scheduled for the day during this year's SXSW festival. More

Apr 12, 2010 Issue #31 - Spring 2010 - Joanna Newsom

Sharon Jones is no stranger to struggle, be it familial, financial, or professional. However, at 54 years old, the soul singer is unfazed by the task of rehashing some of her difficult life lessons. "Struggle should make you a better person. I don't want to become a nasty person; I don't want to do something evil,"  she says. Not that anyone who heard her music would expect Jones' warmhearted outlook to translate to wilting flower. "I'm not biting my tongue. I'm not going to have someone talk to me or mistreat me in any way. I've taken enough crap. Ive learned the hard way!” she says with a laugh, referencing the title of her fourth album, I Learned the Hard Way.  More

Apr 05, 2010 Web Exclusive

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2010 section in Under the Radar's Winter 2010 Issue includes a short article on The Drums' debut album. Here is the full Q&A of that interview with the band. I caught up with Brooklyn via Florida act The Drums in mid-January at their East Williamsburg apartment, somewhere between the moribund Marcy projects and the urbane bastion of hipness that is Bedford Avenue. Apropos, given that the band seem like misfits in today's Brooklyn scene, their insular milieu wedged somewhere between such somber Factory Records acts as The Wake and blithe '50s surf culture dreams.  More