Sep 01, 2008 Fall 2008 - Jenny Lewis

"I wish we were the fucking Strokes,” says Bradford Cox defiantly, offering a preemptive strike against those who might take offense at the more approachable tones of Deerhunter’s third full-length release, Microcastle. More

Jul 02, 2008 Summer 2008 - The Protest Issue

Politics long ago found their way into comic books. A few of many examples: Art Spiegelman’s Maus (1973) tackled his father’s experience with the Holocaust; Joe Sacco’s brilliant Palestine (2001) and Safe Area Gorazde (2000) are beacons of the graphic novel as journalism, covering the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Bosnian War, respectively. More

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

In the early 1990s, Guillaume Canet was part of a wave of young actors—Virginie Ledoyen, Grégoire Colin, Élodie Bouchez and others among them—that infused French cinema with new blood and freshened its face for U.S. art house patrons. More

Jul 01, 2008 Fall 2008 - Jenny Lewis

"I started when I was 2 1/2 years old, and when I was younger I was always very exuberant and I always showed interest in being the center of attention. So, my mother decided that she wanted to put me in acting because I was so interested in it.” – Jenny Lewis, Teen Set, 1991 More

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

Greta Gerwig is only two years out of Barnard College, but already she’s been touted as the queen of mumblecore, a catchword used to categorize the DIY aesthetic of Andrew Bujalski, the Duplass brothers, Joe Swanberg and other young directors who make small-scale, dialogue-driven features with nonprofessional actors. More

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

A week into last month’s Los Angeles Film Festival, Baghead gave filmgoers a laughably disorienting cinema experience when, during an early scene that’s set at a fictional underground film festival, a director fields sincere post-screening questions from the audience about his ridiculous indie film We Are Naked. More

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

While discussing her feature debut Frozen River, which won the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category at Sundance in January, Hunt is serious, polite and soft-spoken, yet clearly enamored with the topic of conversation—cinema. More

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

“When the time is right to talk about series five, I’ll talk about series five, but I’m not talking about it now.” Steven Moffat is staying mum. More

Jun 01, 2008 Summer 2008 - The Protest Issue

Ten years. It’s not much more than a blip on the timeline of recorded history, but it’s a lifetime for the typical musical act. In the ten years since Portishead last had a new release, the music industry—if not the world—has changed several times over. More