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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020  

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

Alison Goldfrapp is a coy arctic fox of an interview subject. For instance, just check out her lackadaisical words regarding the video for “Train”. Not having seen the video prior to the interview, I had no idea what to expect. Having seen it, I’d like to go back and discuss the complete image reversal that would have placed the video on VH1 sexiest of all time list.  More

Lisa Germano

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

On page 94 of Under the Radar, Issue 4, there is an interview with Lisa Germano, accompanied by reviews of her new album Lullaby for Liquid Pig and her two self-released collections. Due to space constraints, we could only offer you the best excerpts of the interview we did with Germano at her West Hollywood apartment. Below is the full interview with Germano, as well as more pictures of her and her late cat. Miamo Tutti  – R.I.P. More

Sing Sing

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

Actually, most of our interview with Sing-Sing’s Emma Anderson and Lisa O’Neill made it into our article on them on page 78 of Issue 4 of Under the Radar, including pretty much all of Emma’s quotes about her days in Lush. Still here are a few little quotes that didn’t make it into the article, along with some full color photos from our shoot with the girls in a park next to LA’s famous Troubadour club. More

Absinthe Blind

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

The guys (and girl) of Absinthe Blind are the most humble group of musicians in the world. When you meet good people you can just feel it and every member of this Champagne-Urbana, Illinois quintet is someone you would gladly have sit at your dinner table. More

The Dears

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

Now that you’ve read our article on Montreal’s fabulous favorites The Dears, on page 18 of Issue 4 of Under the Radar, scroll below for more quotes from the band’s mastermind, (vocalist, songwriter, arranger, you name it), Murray Lightburn, and his main cohort, (and keyboardist/backing vocalist), Natalia Yanchak. More

Nick Power of The Coral

Mar 01, 2003 Spring 2003 - Elliott Smith

The Coral are probably the most acclaimed band to come out of Liverpool, England, in the last couple of years. You can read all about them in Issue 4 of Under the Radar, in our article on them on page 9 of that issue. If you’re still hungry for more Coral, especially after hearing their tasty self-titled debut album, then read below for the full interview UTR’s London correspondent Jumana Farouky did with the band’s keyboardist Nick Power. More

David Cross

Feb 02, 2003 Web Exclusive

His new album, Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! isn’t much of a lovefest, so let’s start with a few things David Cross likes. More


Feb 02, 2003 Web Exclusive

“Indiscriminately I just picked up somebody’s suitcase and threw it across a field,” says Aberdeen’s co-founder and guitarist John Girgus with a coy laugh. It’s the last night of Aberdeen’s nationwide tour of the United States with The Trembling Blue Stars and Girgus and I are sipping double whiskey’s in the backroom of the Derby in Hollywood. More

They Might Be Giants

Nov 07, 2002 Web Exclusive

Believe it or not, They Might Be Giants have been creating music for over twenty years. More