Jan 05, 2016 Issue #55 - November/December 2015 - EL VY

Murray Lightburn is feeling philosophical. The Dears frontman apologies profusely for his conversational rabbit trails, crediting his meandering deep thoughts to the exhaustion of balancing album promotion and daily life as the father of two. But he's also the first to acknowledge that his mental processes onstage and off mirror each other.  More

Dec 29, 2015 Issue #55 - November/December 2015 - EL VY

Chris Baio's smoothly grooving rhythms, seductively soothing vocals, and effortlessly catchy hooks make the synth-inclined indie rockerand Vampire Weekend bassistseem like he was born to be onstage. But, in fact, he was born in a marathon. More

Dec 18, 2015 Web Exclusive

For a certain segment of Flaming Lips fans, the purest hallmark of nostalgia isn't Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots or The Soft Bulletin, but the band's less experimental, but undeniably solid, mid-career '90s output, including 1996's Clouds Taste Metallic. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, The Flaming Lips have released a three-disc reissue via Warner Bros.  More

Dec 17, 2015 Issue #55 - November/December 2015 - EL VY

When Trevor Powers was coming up with the title of Youth Lagoon's third album, Savage Hills Ballroom, a vision was stuck in his mind. He imagined an ornate dancehall with elaborate inlay settings and gold trimthe kind of place you might see in old movies or on postcards from the early part of the 20th century. More

Dec 16, 2015 Issue #55 - November/December 2015 - EL VY

Euan Hinshelwood isn't a strutting, narcissistic, ego-fuelled frontman. In fact, the London-bred founder of Younghusband is self-deprecatingly frank to a fault. 

Dec 16, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Seoul are in the middle of nowhere-or more precisely, at a cow-lined truck stop halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Although gleeful to be on their first U.S. tour in support of debut album I Became a Shade, the three musicians (Nigel Ward, Julian Flavin, and Dexter Garcia) crowd around the phone to explain that their current surroundings are perhaps the farthest away from a geographical representation of their reverb-drenched sound. More

Dec 15, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Bernard Sumner is in a chatty mood. Thirty-five years after they started, New Order is back with their best album in years, Music Complete, and Sumner is eager to explain just how new everything feels. You don't even have to ask; he'll tell you how exciting it was to work with a string section, about recording two tracks with The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands, about getting Iggy Pop to do a dramatic reading for the album's "Stray Dog." More

Dec 11, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

To end out the week, we ask Chelsea Wolfe some questions about endings and death. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/guitarist recently released her fifth album, Abyss, on Sargent House. It's a collection that includes dystopian love songs and tracks about being stuck inside a dream, unable to wake up. More

Dec 11, 2015 Web Exclusive

The melancholic odes that make up GEMS’ debut album Kill the One You Love exist in a twilight land, etched out of a cascade of ones and zeros. More