May 09, 2014 Web Exclusive

James Franco put his writing aspirations on hold when he dropped out of the English program at UCLA to become an actor. The gamble paid off when Franco was cast in the sitcom Freaks and Geeks; from there, it didn’t take long for the actor to cross over into film. Unsatisfied with the direction his career was taking, he re-enrolled at UCLA in 2006. It was there he first had the idea for a series of short stories based on his memories of growing up in Palo Alto, California. More

May 07, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Almost four years after releasing her debut solo album Without Why, U.K. musical artist and former member of The Pipettes Rose Elinor Dougall will release her new sophomore full-length in 2014. More

May 06, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

With her smoky eye shadow and dark, side-swept hair, Rose Elinor Dougall has the amazing ability to look like a steely femme fatale, only to have the whole façade crumble with one of her frequent self-deprecating laughs. More

May 05, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Joseph Mount, frontman of the English four-piece Metronomy, isn't an Aquarius, despite what the title "I'm Aquarius," the first single from his band's fourth album, Love Letters, might imply. More

May 02, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Portland is the place where young people go to retire—that's arguably the most widely quoted line from season one of Portlandia. But if that's true, Carrie Brownstein and Stephen Malkmus must be the old-soul exceptions, as both relocated there when they were in their prime early retirement years and have continued working at more or less the same prolific pace.  More

May 01, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

"Carrie Brownstein is in my girlfriend's textbook. She was in a band called Sleater-Kinney?" That's the title of a post on the Portlandia fan forum on popular news and entertainment aggregate Reddit, submitted by a fan who was shocked to discover that Brownstein is also a musician of no small significance. More

Apr 30, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

For someone so accomplished, Fred Armisen gives the impression that he hasn't thought all that much about why he has become one of the most ubiquitous comedic writers and actors of his generation. More

Apr 29, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

When Portlandia debuted in the spring of 2011, it seemed like a longshot for breakout success. Fred Armisen, despite being a nine-year veteran of Saturday Night Live and countless TV and movie cameos, had never been the star of anything, always a brilliant member of an ensemble cast but never the face of a franchise. More

Apr 28, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

"I had a life-affirming bus journey last week," says Elbow singer Guy Garvey during a phone call from New York. "I'd gotten the ferry over from Brooklyn. I didn't have change for the machine. More