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May 04, 2018 Web Exclusive

Claire and Paul (Kate Micucci and Sam Huntington) are a young, Midwestern couple new to Los Angeles. They’ve landed a sweet deal on a nice apartment, but there’s a catch: a famous L.A. cult leader (Taika Waititi) once killed himself in their tub, and now his followers break into their apartment randomly (and frequently) to commit ritual suicide in their bath. More

May 03, 2018 Web Exclusive

In All These Small Moments, Molly Ringwald plays Carla Sheffield, a New York mother of two on the brink of divorce. She’s long fallen out of love with her husband (Bran d’Arcy James), who isn’t doing much himself to hide an extramarital affair. Her boys, Howie and Simon (Brendan Meyer and Sam McCarthy), are going through their own ordeals: Howie’s increasing obsession with an older woman (Jemima Kirke) who rides his bus has started to adversely affect his studies, while Simon is having difficulties coping with his parents’ crumbling marriage. More

May 03, 2018 Web Exclusive

Melissa Miller’s feature filmmaking debut is a tenderly-executed family drama, a highly promising debut from a first-time writer-director. We spoke with her ahead of the film’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. More

May 02, 2018 Web Exclusive

Undead Mina (Nadia Alexander) haunts the forest around her childhood home. A traumatic past has turned her into a bloodthirsty monster, able to do nothing but kill – that is, until a blind boy her age (Toby Nichols) stumbles onto her hunting grounds while coping with a dark ordeal all his own. More

May 01, 2018 Web Exclusive

Egg is directed by Marianna Palka, the actress and filmmaker most recently seen in the provocative indie sensation, Bitch.  Alysia Reiner is the star and co-producer of the film, and is known for her roles in television programs such as Orange is the New Black and Better Things, and films such as Sideways and Equity. More

Apr 30, 2018 Web Exclusive

All About Nina is the feature debut from writer-director Eva Vives, who crafts in Nina a character who is disarmingly funny yet troublingly self-destructive. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the star of such films as Smashed10 Cloverfield Lane, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. We spoke with the filmmaker and actress about their latest project, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. More

Apr 25, 2018 Web Exclusive

There can be only one Clancy Brown. Across his more than 250 film and TV credits, the hard-working actor has played highly memorable villains in such classics (cult or otherwise) as The Shawshank RedemptionHighlander, and the HBO series Carnivale. More

Apr 24, 2018 Web Exclusive

Martin Freeman's Andy isn’t the sort of hero who charges into a pack of zombies, machete held high. He’s an everyman, ill-equipped to survive the apocalypse but willing to do anything to ensure his daughter’s safety. More

Apr 23, 2018 Web Exclusive

The Australian co-directors discuss their fresh, emotional take on the zombie apocalypse.  More