Nov 13, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Since Sean Baker's film The Florida Project debuted at Cannes in late May, the superlatives have been abundant on the festival circuit. The much-anticipated follow-up to 2015's Tangerine depicts a different side of marginalized society: Florida's hidden homeless. More

Nov 03, 2017 Web Exclusive

For someone with such a looming influence on both film and film music, Carpenter doesn’t spend much time dwelling on the past. He quite famously doesn’t watch his films once he’s finished them, and offers modest, straight-forward answers when pressed about past works. And thus, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974 – 1998 – a new album on which Carpenter re-recorded many of his best-known scores with his son, keyboardist Cody Carpenter, and godson, guitarist Daniel Davies – may be the closest thing we ever see to Carpenter reflecting on his career. More

Oct 13, 2017 Web Exclusive

Though the members of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) are known for being one of Britain's top selling synth pop pioneers, a far different sound can be found on one of the best songs from their new album, The Punishment of LuxuryMore

Sep 29, 2017 Web Exclusive

David Bruckner’s debut feature, The Ritual, follows a group of friends commemorating the loss of one of their brethren by journeying to a remote, mountainous area in Sweden. Following an effort to take a shortcut through a large, wooded area, they spend the night in a creepy, abandoned cabin. Then things go weird. Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind and composer Ben Lovett worked with Bruckner to deliver an atmospheric, psychological thriller that builds to a fever pitch of a finale. More

Sep 25, 2017 Web Exclusive

Let the Corpses Tan is an experience. It’s part spaghetti western, part surrealist mind-warping crime saga, part assaultive dreamscape. And it’s all sensory overload. Directors Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani (The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears) made a film with the intention of making the audience feel every beat, even if their eyes were closed.  More

Sep 20, 2017 Web Exclusive

Chances are most TV fans will recognize Danny Pudi from his critically-lauded, six season-run on NBC and Yahoo!’s Community, where he played Abed Nadir, the cult show’s pop culture-obsessed study group member. In The Tiger Hunter, Pudi plays Sami Malik, a young engineer who moves from his home in India to urban Chicago in the 1970s in pursuit of the American dream. More

Aug 11, 2017 Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

"I'm not a stranger to shame and redemption," states actor Jon Bernthal. "This notion of paying for your sins, and the fact of life that you've got to move forward.  More

Aug 10, 2017 Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

Following leisurely journeys across Northern England and Italy, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon set off due south in The Trip to Spain, the third and latest entry in British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom's comedic Trip series. More

Aug 07, 2017 Web Exclusive

Right at the outset of Barnaby Clay’s documentary about legendary music photographer Mick Rock - from Rock’s own nostalgic perspective - you are thrust into the moment. More