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Monday, October 26th, 2020  
Grant Morrison

Jun 28, 2013 Web Exclusive

If you're into comics at all, chances are you've got strong opinions about Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison. Widely loved for his work on JLA, The Invisibles, We3, and All Star Superman, and widely panned for his work on Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P., Morrison has become something of a measuring stick for comic fans: If you love him, you really love him, and if you hate him, you really hate him. And somehow, even his most ardent opposition respects the sheer audacity and imagination in every piece of writing Morrison produces. More

Guns of Shadow Valley’s James Andrew Clark and Dave Wachter

Jun 21, 2013 Web Exclusive

On June 14, James Andrew Clark and Dave Wachter posted a Kickstarter campaign for their lauded web comic, The Guns of Shadow Valley, with the primary goal to bring it to print as a hardcover. Despite the comic having been on hiatus for a pretty good stretch, the great art and compelling story of superpowered gunslingers in the Old West proved to maintain its fan base... and then some. Merely days later, and well in advance of the deadline, they've blown their $24,000 goal out of the water. Clark and Wachter found some time to answer questions about their book. More

Sina Grace

May 29, 2012 Web Exclusive

The Li'l Depressed Boy from Image Comics chronicles the non-adventures of the ragdoll-like "LDB." The ongoing comic series from Image may be especially appealing to music fans, with numerous guest-stars from the music world gracing the pages, including Childish Gambino. Artist Sina Grace shares all.  More

James Robinson

May 25, 2012 Web Exclusive

DC Comics' much-anticipated Earth 2 landed in stores this month as part of the Second Wave of the New 52Earth 2 writer James Robinson spoke with Under the Radar about the his big plans for Earth 2's metaphysical environment, the historical allusions in his latest work, the day-to-day struggles of being a comic book writer, The Shade, and his thoughts on friends Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates. More

Jeff Lemire

Jan 20, 2012 Web Exclusive

Two of the surprise hits of DC New 52 initiative were Jeff Lemire's trippy horror series Animal Man and his action-packed Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Both made a big splash for the Sweet Tooth scribe. Here we talk for a spell with the inspiring young writer. He dishes back his thoughts on the collaborative environment of DC Comics, reluctant heroes, ceding control to artists, and remaining silent about the Mysterious Red-Hooded Woman. Also, see our discussion with his partner in crime, Scott Snyder (BatmanSwamp Thing). More

Scott Snyder

Jan 19, 2012 Web Exclusive

Scott Snyder had a very successful year in 2011 with his creator-owned American Vampire comic, Batman: Gates of Gothamand his excellent Black Mirror run for DC Comics' Detective Comics series. He now writes for Batman and Swamp Thing in DC's New 52 universe that rebooted last fall. More

Ed Piskor

Oct 17, 2011 Web Exclusive

Pittsburgh's Ed Piskor, 29, recently finished the online version of his 400+ page graphic novel, Wizzywig, and he says it'll be available online for a "little bit of time" before being given the collected treatment by Top Shelf. Wizzywig is the story of Kevin Phenicle, aka "Boingthump," a phone phreaker/hacker during the early days of high-tech computing who is sort of a pastiche of several real-life phreakers/hackers. More

Cliff Chiang

Sep 21, 2011 Web Exclusive

We chatted with the DC artist extraordinaire Cliff Chaing (Green Arrow & Black CanaryZatanna) about the overall tone of the new Wonder Woman series he is drawing, his thoughts on violence and female sexuality in comics, and the DC Comics - The New 52 Art Tour. More

Leslie Stein

May 05, 2011 Web Exclusive

Eye of the Majestic Creature, which is now available from Fantagraphics, merges the quirky & surreal with a refreshing sort of honesty. Leslie Stein took the time to answer our questions about slice of life comics, musical influences, and anthropomorphic guitars.  More

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