Dec 15, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

To end out the week, we ask Emily Haines some questions about endings and death. Although born in New Delhi, India, she grew up in Ontario, Canada. Haines is perhaps best known as the lead vocalist for Metric, who formed in Toronto in 1998 and have released six albums, the most recent being 2015's Pagans in VegasMore

Dec 15, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

It has been six long years since Emil Svanängen released his last album as Loney dear, 2011's Hall Music. In the interim, Svanängen has endured much change, suffering ends to relationships both personal and professional and ultimately finding himself at an artistic crossroads, one that informs Loney dear's seventh album, the self-titled Loney dear. More

Dec 14, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Though much of the press Archy Marshall has received over the past five years has focused on the contrast between his boyish appearance and his mature, baritone voice, ask about the title of his new album and the 22-year-old Londoner becomes a kid again.  More

Dec 13, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Torquil Campbell, founder and co-vocalist for Stars, points to the band's common affection for and connection to Morrissey and company as the fuel for their purposeful pop approach. It's the reason Stars songs linger long after their three minutes are up; they're musically synthetic but lyrically authentic. More

Dec 12, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

On his new album, Prince of TearsBaxter Dury takes on a persona named Miami, and the results aren't pretty. "Miami," the four-and-a-half minute album opener, finds the British avant garde rocker (and son of the late, iconic 1970s/1980s singer/songwriter Ian Dury, of Ian Dury and the Blockheads fame) cursing, insulting, and grandstanding to no end against a nameless antagonist, sounding like id unbound, all over infectious, dancefloor ready beats and synths crafted by him and co-producer Ash Workman. More

Dec 11, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Since 1996, Dan Bejar has released a large number of albums, both with his solo project Destroyer and as part of The New Pornographers and Swan Lake. Still, the Vancouver-based singer/songwriter doesn't see his extensive output as some kind of superlative accomplishment, his matter of fact descriptions of the process implying that making music is hard-baked into his daily life. More

Dec 08, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

A strange sort of math seems to underlie the chemistry of creativity. Any time two great artists are added to each other in equal measures, the product of their union almost always yields something less than what either of them could create on their own.  More

Dec 07, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

A sophomore slump can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, or deliberate subterfuge by a band looking to reframe expectations, or often just a lazy way for rock critics to build narrative around a band's second release. The idea is so engrained that following up a well-received debut can understandably cause  jitters. More

Dec 05, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

The fall of 2016 was the best of times and the worst of times for the members of Deerhoof. Devastated by the election of Donald Trump, they simultaneously were experiencing the elation of doing their first tour of South America.  More