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Thursday, February 20th, 2020  
Band of Horses

Oct 01, 2007 Fall 2007 - Beirut

Artists are often a nostalgic lot. From Paul McCartney dreaming of just one more gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to Neil Young returning to the Canadian prairie of his youth for inspiration, the places that formed you as an individual have the ability to awaken feelings long lost through the business of life. The saying goes that “you can’t go home again,” but sometimes going home can fuel great art. With Cease to Begin, Band of Horses goes home. More

Manic Street Preachers

Aug 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

Initially starting as a foursome in their teens, Manic Street Preachers (vocalist/guitarist James Dean Bradfield, drummer Sean Moore, lyricist/bassist Nicky Wire, and rhythm guitarist Richey James Edwards) have been functioning as a trio since the unexplained disappearance of Edwards in 1995. More

Okkervil River

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

Few lyricists today weave a story as intricate and involving as Will Sheff, lead singer and songwriter (not to mention sole constant member) of Okkervil River. More

Jason Falkner

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

It takes roughly 2,200 people to fill the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, and a full house would just about satisfy Jason Falkner’s modest commercial ambitions, if he ever gets the chance to play there. More

Ulrich Schnauss

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

The titles of Ulrich Schnauss’ three albums: 2001’s Far Away Trains Passing By, 2003’s A Strangely Isolated Place, and 2007’s Goodbye, make it seem as if the German-born producer is a very melancholy individual. More

Rufus Wainwright

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

“If you think the world of pop is difficult in terms of finding your voice, well, in opera it’s practically impossible!” So says Rufus Wainwright about his recently penned opera, Prima Donna. More

Minus Story

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

With My Ion Truss, Lawrence, Kansas’ Minus Story have left behind their trademark “Wall of Crap” home recording approach. Assisted by producer John Congleton, whose credits include Modest Mouse, Explosions in the Sky, and many more, the band entered the studio to emerge with their purest, most dynamic recording to date. More

Arthur & Yu

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

The debut of Seattle-based Arthur & Yu, In Camera, is the first album to emerge from the heralded Hardly Art label. But rather than a orgiastic, bombastic showy premiere, Arthur & Yu have made the kind of music that feels as though it’s being played right in your living room…If your living room was around in the late-’60s and was especially suited to wonderfully intertwining male-female vocals. More

The Electric Soft Parade

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

Brothers Tom and Alex White state their allegiance to their hometown of Brighton strongly. Along with Matthew Twaites and Mathew Priest, they function as The Electric Soft Parade. More