May 06, 2013 Web Exclusive

Johnny Marr is one of the few living players who might be referred to as a "guitar hero" with a genuine nod of reverence. During his five years with The Smiths in the '80s, through which he drew acclaim early on as a remarkably imaginative guitarist, his love for collaboration and self-development drove him to work on outside projects. Over the years, Marr stayed busy with The Pretenders, Electronic, The The, and more recently as a member of Modest Mouse and The Cribs. And while the association with his earlier band will always be of interest, peers seek him out for the unique sparks and colors he might bring to their sound. Marr's a gifted musician who may always wear a mantle of celebrity but won't be defined by it. More

Apr 22, 2013 Web Exclusive

My favorite movie of all time is Castaway. Tom Hanks is my all-time favorite actor. There's something about that movie that just takes me to a different place. More

Apr 19, 2013 Web Exclusive

After 26 years of releasing albums, you might forgive Pet Shop Boys for no longer looking for new things to do with pop music; after all they've been one of the most renowned electronic pop artists since before most of today's pop music consumers were born (and indeed before they were thought of as consumers). More

Apr 18, 2013 Web Exclusive

Mercury Prize-nominated singer Jessie Ware possesses a malleable voice, able to belt out a ballad with a diva-like force or slink through the skittering R&B beats of a SBTRKT song. Her debut albumDevotion (out now in the U.S. via Cherrytree) is a polished homage to the big-voiced R&B singers of Ware's youth, infused with late-night electronic grooves and an undeniable swagger. More

Apr 12, 2013 Web Exclusive

On The Besnard Lakes' fourth full-length effort, Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, the Montréal shoegazers seem hopeful. That's saying a lot for a band that's ominously roared with a looming darkness in the past. But after bassist Olga Goreas' dad suddenly passed away in 2011, everything changed. More

Apr 11, 2013 Web Exclusive

Marnie Stern's outspoken confidence comes from her ability to block out the noise in her life. Not the transcendent shrills of her whirlwind guitar tapping, but her struggle to face what may happen if the well of her musical career were to run dry. More

Apr 10, 2013 Web Exclusive

My Favorite Thing is our recurring series when an artist tells us about one of their favorite things (favorite album, movie, book, TV show, comic book, food, etc.). Here Michael Lerner of Telekinesis talks about one of his favorite albums, Flin Flon's A-Ok. More

Apr 08, 2013 Web Exclusive

Dark, brooding, dangerous, and tortured is the vibe that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gives off. Robert Levon Been, bassist/vocalist for the triowho just released its seventh album,Specter At the Feastshatters this image from his first utterances. More

Feb 28, 2013 Web Exclusive

For Under the Radar's 10th annual Artist Survey we emailed some of our favorite artists a few questions relating to 2012. Pick up the Best of 2012 issue to read many of the responses. We are also posting additional web-exclusive bonus answers to the website. These are from artists whose surveys are in the print magazine, but are extra answers that didn't fit in the issue. Here are bonus answers from Sharon Van EttenMore