Jul 15, 2013 Web Exclusive

It's Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch's first visit to Montréal in seven years, and he has one of its more famous residents on his mind. More

Jul 09, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

The Knife didn't need to make a new albumthey are clear about thatand you probably need to hang onto that thought if you're going to have the mindset needed to unravel their latest release, the sprawling 96-minuteShaking the Habitual. True to its title, the fourth Knife album is all about breaking down routines and questioning the way things are donesomething that has resulted in an album that is part hypnotic synth-pop opus, part noise collage, and part unclassifiable hybrid of every nightmare you've ever had.  More

Jul 08, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

Wayne Coyne tells a story about when his father died, years ago, and his mother wanted to remember him by playing their favorite Tony Bennett song at his funeral. For her, the song represented a treasured memorybeing 17 years old and falling in loveand she wanted to experience that one more time with her husband before was laid to rest. Coyne remembers reacting badly to her request. "I thought, 'Why would you want to play that? My God, that's just going to devastate us. Why the fuck would you want to play that?' But you have to play it. You want to play it, because if you don't, you don't get to relive any of that." More

Jul 03, 2013 Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

With a core of Stephen McRobbie, Katrina Mitchell, and Annabel Wright, indie pop patriarchs The Pastels were highly influentialtheir '80s and '90s albums are revered by bands such as Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscurabut they were never very prolific. More

Jun 21, 2013 Web Exclusive

Undercover is our new recurring series where we talk to bands about the genesis of one of their album covers. Here we talk to Small Black's Josh Hayden Kolenik about the cover of Limits of Desire. More

Jun 19, 2013 Web Exclusive

Released this past April, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's second post-reunion and 12th studio album, English Electric, goes above and beyond what anyone could—or should—have expected from two '80s synth superheroes both now approaching their mid-50s. More

Jun 11, 2013 Web Exclusive

The Lonely Islandcomedians Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffershot to fame in 2005 when they introduced the digital short format to Saturday Night Live. The first such video, "Lazy Sunday," wasn't just the highlight of the episode but a viral hit. More

Jun 07, 2013 Web Exclusive

Undercover is our new recurring series where we talk to bands about the genesis of one of their album covers. Here we talk to Nightlands' David Hartley about the cover of Oak Island, as well as to Catharine Maloney, who photographed the cover. More

May 30, 2013

When we asked Jamie Lidell to take a self-portrait, he provided several. We also asked him to write a list of personal things-interesting facts that perhaps Lidell's fans may not know about him. Earlier this year the British soul singer/songwriter/musician released his latest album, simply titled Jamie Lidell, on Warp. He's currently based in Nashville. More