Aug 30, 2011 #37 – St. Vincent

Niki & The Dove seem somewhat otherworldly, delivering larger-than-life tunes built around multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Karlöf’s complex webs of electronics and singer Malin Dahlström’s oversized voice and ambitious storytelling. But, speaking from Dover, England over a cup of tea, the two best friends from Sweden chalk up their partnership not to the hands of fate or other supernatural forces, but rather a gradual evolution. “We had sporadically been making music together over the years,” says Dahlström, dispelling the idea that their current musical constellation simply fell from the heavens. More

Aug 19, 2011 Web Exclusive

Blitzen Trapper's gnarled musical roots are so diverse and far-reaching that when they make a "back to their roots" album such as American Goldwing it's not a retread of past glories. Instead, the Portland, Oregon quintet's sixth album is another delightful tinkering with the dusty engine of Americana music. These Pacific Northwestern mechanics aren't interested in admiring from afar. They get on their backs and give the old jalopy a much-needed overhaul. (It comes as no surprise to learn that singer/songwriter/guitarist Eric Earley's father was a musician-cum-mechanic.) More

Aug 12, 2011 Web Exclusive

It's been over three years since Hercules and Love Affair released their sophisticated and captivating self-titled debut. Hercules and Love Affair was one of 2008's most talked about records; disco-revivalism at its finest, indeed. Their sophomore album, Blue Songs (released this past January in the U.K.) is finally coming to America on August 16th. Hercules and Love Affair's mastermind, New York City-based DJ Andy Butler, was gracious enough to give Under the Radar a few minutes in between shows on their European tour to talk (briefly) about Blue Songs, its delayed stateside release, Greek mythology, and his personal affection for Chicago house. More

Aug 05, 2011 Web Exclusive

Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Euros Childs (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci) have been friends since the mid-'90s, and their debut collaboration as Jonny is everything one might expect from the meeting of such songwriting minds. Blake and Childs spoke with Under the Radar about their self-titled debut and what's next. More

Jul 19, 2011 Web Exclusive

Mash-up maestro Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis), is no stranger to the stage. Relentlessly touring behind his fifth album All Day, the cut-up artist commands audience attention with just his laptop and a single goal: to get butts on the dance floor. In honor of our recent Music vs. Comedy issue, Under the Radar quizzed Gillis about the surprising connections between his art and the art of laughter. More

Jul 15, 2011 #37 – St. Vincent

Electronic artists are often judged by the "warmth" of their sounds. Princeton, New Jersey synth-wave revivalist Com Truise (aka Seth Haley) knows this all too well and went straight to the source of all that analog warmth: the Reagan era. More

Jun 30, 2011 #37 – St. Vincent

Like a lot of songwriters, Trevor Powers has learned that the best musical inspiration often comes at the expense of a broken heart. For four years the young native of Boise, Idaho had been with a girlas he saw it, the girl. Last year, however, things began to unravel, and Powers, who had typically spent his free time jamming with various friends, had suddenly taken to a more solitary outlet. More

Jun 21, 2011 Web Exclusive

It's an oft-repeated maxim that most musicians secretly want to be comedians and comedians secretly want to be musicians, and it often follows that drummers are seen as the most reliable resources of humor within bands. Looking over the history of rock music, there seems to be some truth to this. More

Jun 10, 2011 #36 - Music vs. Comedy

Under the Radar's Music vs. Comedy Issue, which is on stands now, features an article entitled "A Mutual Admiration Society: Where Comedy and Music Meet." For that article we interviewed The Rosebuds' Kelly Crisp, among others, and included a few quotes from him. Below is the full transcript of our interview with Crisp. More