Aug 14, 2013 Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Three years after living in the U.S., Bristol, England native Tricky has developed a taste for the simple life in Paris. More

Aug 09, 2013 Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Though The National's latest release isn't a huge departure in any musical or conceptual sense, vocalist and songwriter Matt Berninger says it was made by a different group of men than those who made their previous albums. More

Aug 01, 2013 Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

"We don't want to be a party band," Smith Westerns guitarist and co-songwriter Max Kakacek says from his cell phone while visiting friends in Austin, Texas, just a few days after the Chicago-based wunderkinds' performance at Coachella. More

Jul 26, 2013 Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

"Poetry is not one of my strengths," admits Austra founder and frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, reflecting on the Toronto band's 2011 debut, Feel It Break. More

Jul 23, 2013 Web Exclusive

It is one night into Junip's North American tour and no one at the Troubadour in Los Angeles is quite sure of the group's whereabouts. More

Jul 16, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

Suede frontman Brett Anderson admits that he never thought much about reforming Suede after the band broke up in 2003. After storming onto the British music scene with its first two albumsSuede in 1993 and Dog Man Star in 1994Suede saw founding guitarist Bernard Butler leave the band, but it soldiered on to release three more albums without him. After a brief reteaming with Butler as The Tears in 2004, Anderson embarked upon a solo career. The four albums he released under his own name, starting with a self-titled release in 2007, mostly eschewed Suede's patented guitar rock sound for softer, gentler landscapes. Anderson seemed to have left Suede far behind. More

Jul 15, 2013 Web Exclusive

It's Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch's first visit to Montréal in seven years, and he has one of its more famous residents on his mind. More

Jul 09, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

The Knife didn't need to make a new albumthey are clear about thatand you probably need to hang onto that thought if you're going to have the mindset needed to unravel their latest release, the sprawling 96-minuteShaking the Habitual. True to its title, the fourth Knife album is all about breaking down routines and questioning the way things are donesomething that has resulted in an album that is part hypnotic synth-pop opus, part noise collage, and part unclassifiable hybrid of every nightmare you've ever had.  More

Jul 08, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

Wayne Coyne tells a story about when his father died, years ago, and his mother wanted to remember him by playing their favorite Tony Bennett song at his funeral. For her, the song represented a treasured memorybeing 17 years old and falling in loveand she wanted to experience that one more time with her husband before was laid to rest. Coyne remembers reacting badly to her request. "I thought, 'Why would you want to play that? My God, that's just going to devastate us. Why the fuck would you want to play that?' But you have to play it. You want to play it, because if you don't, you don't get to relive any of that." More