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Monday, October 26th, 2020  
Iliza Shlesinger on Her New Netflix Sketch Show

May 13, 2020 Web Exclusive

Even when we’re all forced to curb our activities, there’s no slowing Iliza Shlesinger

My Favorite Album: Chris Sullivan on John Prine’s “John Prine”

Mar 31, 2020 Issue #66 - My Favorite Album - Angel Olsen and Sleater-Kinney

Actor Chris Sullivan strives to showcase his acting versatility in each role he takes on. That includes Toby Damon in NBC’s This Is Us, Tom Cleary in The Knick, Benny Hammond in Stranger Things, and Taserface in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2More

My Favorite Album: Alan Tudyk on Loudon Wainwright III’s “Grown Man”

Jan 28, 2020 Issue #66 - My Favorite Album - Angel Olsen and Sleater-Kinney

Loudon Wainwright III's Grown Man-it's hard to narrow down to any one album, but that album is important as far as when it came along in my life. And it's a classic Loudon album. More

Jimmi Simpson on “Perpetual Grace, LTD,” “Westworld,” Morrissey, and Bill Callahan

Jan 23, 2020 Issue #66 - My Favorite Album - Angel Olsen and Sleater-Kinney

As a self-described gothy teen longing for angst soothing anthems, future Emmy nominee Jimmi Simpson was enamored with The Smiths from the first time his skateboarder buddy gave him a copy of the iconic Brit rockers' album The Queen is Dead in the late 1980s.  More

My Favorite Album: Jimmi Simpson on The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead”

Jan 22, 2020 Issue #66 - My Favorite Album - Angel Olsen and Sleater-Kinney

For an actor who relies on music as much as Jimmi Simpsonhe carefully crafts playlists while prepping characters for Westworld (for which he was nominated for an Emmy)House of CardsBlack Mirror, the recent critical darling Perpetual Grace, LTD, and morepicking a favorite album can be a very tricky proposition. More

Keeping Score – David Wingo Gets His Due

Oct 11, 2019 Web Exclusive

The Steady-Delivering Composer of Barry Gets the Shine He’s Always Deserved. More

Keeping Score – Composer Cliff Martinez Returns to the LA Underworld of Nicolas Winding Refn

Aug 01, 2019 Web Exclusive

The Composer-Director tandem links again for the luminously bizarre episodic series Too Old To Die Young. More

“Trial and Error” Creator and Showrunner Jeff Astrof on the Campaign to Save the Acclaimed Comedy

Jan 29, 2019 Web Exclusive

Some TV shows are too good for this world. Some are cancelled before their time. Some capture lightning in a bottle once and are unable to replicate it. Others go on a little too long (Scrubs, Frasier). Some have to battle with their studios to stay on the air just long enough to finish up their stories (The Wire).  More

Joel Hodgson on the New Season and 30th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Nov 12, 2018 Web Exclusive

In the not-too-distant future – next Thursday, A.D. – the cult movie-riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return to Netflix with six new episodes comprising the series’ 12th season. More