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Pleased to Meet You Spotlight: Dinner


Nov 19, 2014 Web Exclusive
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Name: Dinner

Otherwise Known As: Anders Rhedin

Founded: Three years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark

“I was sitting on a balcony with a dear friend called Jannis [Noya Makrigiannis], who has a project called Choir of Young Believers,” Dinner says. “I produced their first two albums, and we’re really good friends … I had these songs, and I didn’t know what to do with them. We were sitting on this balcony sharing a cigarette, and he said, “You should let me produce you. You should just let go, and let me make the decisions.” So we booked some studio time, got some friends together, and went in and did seven songs in two days … I had wanted a girl to sing, but they decided I should sing.” 

Current Home: Los Angeles, California

“When I came to L.A., I thought I was going to hate it,” he says. “I was very into Zen Buddhism at the time, and I felt very Scandinavian. I was all about pine trees and wearing big sweaters at the time. So, I thought I was going to hate this place: this shitty, plastic-y place covered with smog, where everyone’s either some fake, New Age douchebag or same gang psycho trying to gun me down. The moment I got out of the airplane, probably, there’d be gangs shooting at me, right? That was not my rational line of thought, but I guess there was a little voice inside of me saying that’s probably what it is like over there. But when I went there, I just loved L.A. Even the first moment at LAX, with the immigration guys. Everything seemed so energetic and so open and so friendly to me … I just feel that there are some places on the planet that have more energy than others, and to me, L.A. is such a place.”

Does L.A. influence his sound? Not as much.

“I feel like I’m this skinny, tall, European guy in too-tight trunks at a pool party,” he says. “Standing in the corner and not really knowing anyone, in the shade, looking at all the L.A. kids having fun in the swimming pool. I feel like that, and maybe I do borrow a little here and there, but I still feel misplaced after having been there five years.

Origin of the name: Anders believes in word magic to some extent.

“I had a project with a girl which we called “Problems,” and it was a promising project but obviously we had some big problems so we broke up,” he explains. “When I thought of the name ‘Dinner,” I thought maybe it was a good name; that maybe this stuff would put dinner on the table, you know?”

Performance Preparation: Dinner meditates before shows to clear his busy mind.

“I used to do Qigong, which is an older form of Tai Chi, before shows, and it looked super weird,” he says. “There were strange movements, and something called free flow, which means you just spaz out. Often I’d play places where there wasn’t a dressing room or anything, and I’d do this in strange places, like the toilet or in a corner of the room stinking of vomit. It was very impractical.”

Sound and Vision:

Influences: Michael Jackson, Velvet Underground, Steve Reich, drone and folk music

“At one point I did have a life-size Michael Jackson bedspread,” he says. “But I’m 35. So back when I was ten, whenever, that was totally okay. I doubt that a few years later into the 1990s that would have been a Christmas present idea that many parents would have had for their children.”

Most Unlikely Inspiration: AC/DC

“When I was 14, I just wanted to play stuff like AC/DC,” Dinner says. “I even wrote AC/DC with an ink marker on my cheap guitar and it rubbed off on my arm. I just imagined that when I started playing guitar I would wind up in a scenario pretty close to the ‘Thunderstruck’ video … You have scaffolding in an arena, and kids are hanging out there being cool and headbanging, with AC/DC playing in the middle. I imagined that six months after picking up my guitar, that’s what my life would be like. But I’m not at that point yet, unfortunately. I just need to keep at it.”

Releases: Three EPs (Girl, You Are Like LA, and Oui!), available from Red Eye Transit and Captured Tracks; a guided meditation tape; and a forthcoming debut album (title and date TBA) on Captured Tracks

“[The album] is going to be pretty different from the EPs,” he says. “For some reason we ended up with a lot of ‘80s-sounding stuff on the EPs, which wasn’t deliberate but seemed like the natural thing. I don’t the album is going to be much of that… it’s going to be sort of ‘90s dance mixed with a ‘70s kraut sound … I’ve written a song that sounds to me like Nico singing the theme song from Friends. It’s really, really, really horrible and amazing at the same time.”



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