Methyl Ethel

Listen: Methyl Ethel “No Fighting”

Feb 15, 2019

Perth Australia's Methyl Ethel has just released their third album Triage today and it closes on a big high note with "No Fighting". Listen to Jake Webb get anthemic below.

Jeff Russo

Premiere: Jeff Russo “Hazel and Delores” From The Umbrella Academy Soundtrack

Feb 14, 2019

Acclaimed composer Jeff Russo (Legion, Star Trek: Discovery) has written the original score for the new Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Under the Radar is happy to premiere “Hazel and Delores” from the soundtrack.

Lakeshore Records will release the score digitally tomorrow, February 15, when the show debuts on Netflix. Developed by Steve Blackman, the series is based on the Eisner award-winning comics and graphic novels created and written by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), illustrated by Gabriel Bá, and published by Dark Horse Comics.

Says Russo about the experience:  “With such an eclectic group of characters, writing themes was super fun. Many different personalities got many different musical motifs and feelings.”

Russo, who is also a founding member, lead guitarist and co-songwriter of the band Tonic, has a number of noteworthy scoring crrdits, earning an Emmy Award and another two nominations for his memorable music on FX’s Fargo. He also scored HBO’s Golden Globe® and Emmy-nominated series The Night Of. His take on “Hazel and Delores” reveals another interesting part of the profile.

Madeline Kenney/Flock of Dimes

Listen: Flock of Dimes/Madeline Kenney Split Single

Feb 11, 2019

Well, let's just say this warmed my heart before I even listened to it. Flock of Dimes (Jenn Wasner) and Madeline Kenney have just released a "co-single". Heavy rotation awaits. Here's what's going on with this one from the Bandcamp page:

Jenn Wasner and Madeline Kenney met in 2018 to work on Kenney’s record "Perfect Shapes". Having discovered in that recording session a host of creative and personal compatibilities, the two have teamed up to release two new songs together—"Helpless" and "The Sisters." The split single, to be released on Carpark Records, is the result of a year spent both touring and living together as roommates resulting in a closely intertwining and overlapping set of experiences. Together as a whole the songs explore the attempt to make sense of life as an artist in an industry that values style over substance, particularly for women who refuse to have their artistry seen only through the filter of their own physicality.

Panda Bear

Listen: Panda Bear “Master” From New Album

Feb 08, 2019

You can always count on Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox from Animal Collective, to keep you off balance. With every new page turned in his sonically experimental solo career, he scrambles the frequencies while maintaining his neo-beach boy presence. Lennox just released his sixth Panda Bear album, Buoys. Get a taste of it with "Master" below.


Kurt Vile

Watch: Kurt Vile Tiny Desk Concert

Feb 06, 2019

Two lovable things come together: NPR's Tiny Desk and Kurt Vile. Tiny Desk concerts curated by NPR Music consistently invites great artists to perform a few songs in its inviting setting. Accompanied by guitarist Rob Laakso, Vile came around to play "Bassackwards", "Loading Zones" and "Peeping Tomboy". Here's what host Bob Boilen had to say about it: 

Kurt Vile exudes a casualness at the Tiny Desk in his style and body language that is so unlike most anxious artists who come to play behind my desk. Sure, he's done this Tiny Desk thing before, with Courtney Barnett. But even then, I remember thinking that he's got something else on his mind — and it made me laugh this time around when Kurt played his opening tune, "Bassackwards," and sang these words: "I was on the beach but I was thinking about the bay / Got to the bay but by then I was far away."

That idea of being one place and thinking about another, for me, also connects to the way he plays guitar. He seems distracted, yet the complex guitar lines he so nonchalantly plays, along with his musical mate Rob Laakso, are effortlessly beautiful and lyrical.

After they played two new tunes from Kurt Vile's latest record, Bottle It In, Kurt goes solo on an older, self-described "juvenile" song from long ago, recently revived during his Courtney Barnett collaboration last year. "Peeping Tomboy" has its own schizophrenic issues as Kurt sings, "I don't wanna change but I don't wanna stay the same / I don't wanna go but I'm runnin' / I don't wanna work but I don't wanna sit around / All day frownin'."

On the surface, it all can seem just chill. But there's a lot of rumination in these songs — and even when he's gazing into the overhead office lights, I think he got his mind on the stars and the world at large.


The Twilight Sad

Watch: The Twilight Sad Perform “The Arbor” Live in Leeds

Feb 02, 2019

Seriously, what band is killing it harder than The Twilight Sad right now? Answer: Not a one. This just surfaced: Off the Glasgow band's mega new record It Won/t be Like This All the Time, this version of "The Arbor" was captured in Leeds in June of last year and recalls some early Joy Division footage ...and mood. It should give you all the incentive you need to catch them when they come back around your way for theor full fledged tour for the new album. You can only imagine what they sound like now.



Watch: Mitski “A Pearl” Animated Video

Jan 31, 2019

Mitski's new video for the song "A Pearl" is really fuckng cool. It's probably because Mitski is really fucking cool. "A Pearl" is from Mitski's remarkable 2018 album, Be the Cowboy. The video is a collaboration with Spotify and was co-directed by Saad Moosajee, Danae Gosset and Art Camp. It's really beautifully made. Check it out:

Avey Tare

Watch: Avey Tare “Saturdays (Again)” Video

Jan 29, 2019

Hey what do ya know, Avey Tare, aka Dave Portner, of Animal Collective has a new song "Saturdays (Again)" from a forthcoming solo album, Cows on Hourglass Pond (such an Animal Collective title), out March 22nd on Domino Record Co. The video was shared as well, animated and directed by Abigail Portner, Avey's sister. Those quirky grooves are back y'all.