Lights on Moscow

Premiere: Lights on Moscow Debut EP “Aorta Songs Part 1”

Oct 18, 2018

Lights on Moscow is the collaboration between Justin Lockey of Editors/ Minor Victories/ Mastersystem and Hazel Wilde of Lanterns On The Lake. Their debut EP Aorta Songs Part 1 arrives tomorrow via Physical Education Recordings, the label's second release following the incredible Mastersystem album, also featuring Lockey, released earlier this year. Under the Radar has the very cool exclusive stream ahead of the official release. We premiered the grand and powerful lead single "Lord Let Me Know" in August and the EP continues with that organic strength.

The duo is a formation between two very talented musicians. The prolific Justin Lockey is best known for his work with Editors but is becoming increasingly regarded for his collaborative efforts – most notably on said Mastersystem album Dance Music. Lanterns On The Lake are a critically acclaimed act who have released 3 studio albums through Bella Union.

The debut music, a blend "full of anguish and beauty," took shape circuitously for this duo, with a brief run of performance on a trip to New York that came back around when they lived close by in Newcastle.

“It’s strange how the timing of something can make a difference. We always knew it was something we’d come back to. And now we have” says Wilde of the project. "Aorta Songs Part 1 contains some of the earliest stuff we worked on together. We were living around the corner from one another in Newcastle at the time we were working on these songs – recording vocals through a guitar amp onto a digital 8 track. Simpler times. I think the songs have some real magic to them and you could sense it was the start of something special."   


Walla Walla Washington's Chastity Belt just shared the Claire Buss directed video for the great song "It's Obvious" from last year's album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone. The warm guitar chords of the song are unusually combined with the look and theme of the video. See for yourself.

Julia Holter

Watch: Julia Holter “Words I Heard” Video

Oct 16, 2018

Julia Holter has shared a new song and video, "Words I Heard" from her forthcoming album Aviary, out October 26th on Domino. Aviary is the fifth album from the L.A. singer-composer-producer. If "Words I Heard" is any indication, it will be another adventurous and genreless work.

The video is directed by frequent collaborator Dicky Bahto..."On Aviary, Julia took a quote from Lebanese-American writer Etel Adnan as its starting point and Bahto takes this inspiration further for ‘Words I Heard"

"Tall trees of so many kinds, from redwoods to manzanitas, oaks, madrones, maples and elms, plants and bushes, flowers and seeds, acorns and grass, they all are the last chance of the earth and they all make a thick and permanent coat, a cover, a bath of perfume, a touch of healing, a royal procession, music and fanfare, they rise and talk to Tamalpais, and sing lullabies and songs of love."  Etel Adnan, ‘Journey to Mount Tamalpais’

Bahto says of the video: “When Julia told me that the title of her album was inspired by Etel Adnan, one of my favorite writers, I felt that I had to make a film for one of the songs on Mount Tamalpais, a recurring subject in both Adnan's visual art and her writing. I filmed on a few hikes down the Dipsea trail, and in the last section of the song combine this with footage made during the studio sessions of the album.”

Sigur Rós

Listen: Volume 2 of Endless Mixtape “Liminal”

Oct 12, 2018

Liminal is the "endless" ambient playlist curated by Sigur Rós and the second volume was added live today. Overseen by Jónsi, Alex Somers and Paul Corley, the literally continuous mix started earlier this year and "will be built over linear time into a never-finished project. Albums will be released, volumes added to. Liminal, both live and locally, takes the listener to a place neither here nor there; a “liminal" space."

A press release for the second installation calls this second hour of music, "another step towards the idea of creating an ever-evolving ambient listening experience around the wider Sigur Rós family."

"Coinciding with live Liminal soundbaths from Jónsi, Paul Corley, & Alex Somers, as part of David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles over the weekend (October 13 and 14), the new additions to the mixtape include Jonsi’s previously unheard 6-minute string-based piece “Missir,” as well as a remix of Frakkur’s (Jónsi's noughties electronic alter-ego), “A Drop In The Ocean”, a piece Jónsi made in 2001 that’s gone unreleased until now.

The new hour of Liminal music also includes the rare Jónsi & Alex track, “Chapter 3”, from All Animals, the bonus disc of their acclaimed Riceboy Sleeps ambient album, plus new music from Alex Somers, his remix of Julianna Barwick’s mesmeric “The Harbinger”, and material from much-loved friends and influences, including Ian William Craig and Vatican Shadow...New and unreleased music is planned in the weeks ahead."


Brian Eno & Kevin Shields

Listen: Brian Eno & Kevin Shields “The Weight of History”

Oct 11, 2018

In case you missed it, Brian Eno collaborated with My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields for two lengthy, otherworldly ambient compositions in the past year. The first, "Only Once Away My Son" was shared in 2017, which they combined with another track "The Weight of History" on Record Store Day, 2018. The double A-side vinyl 12" was just made available to stream. Take the dive:

Kurt Vile

Watch: Kurt Vile Cover of Tom Petty’s “Learning To Fly”

Oct 10, 2018

There have been quite a few Tom Petty covers since his passing last year. You gotta like Kurt Vile with a take on "Learning To Fly". Vile performed the song for SiriusXMU where he played a session of songs from his new album Bottle It In, out this Friday, along with a tribute to Petty.

Jon Hopkins

Watch: Jon Hopkins “Feel First Life” Video

Oct 08, 2018

"Feel First Life" is one of the quiet and emotive piano tracks on Jon Hopkins' brilliant album Singularity, released back in May. It's reminiscent of Nils Frahm, a friend, and influence of Hopkins. The video, directed by Elliott Dear, was an Apple Music exclusive until today. Check out stop-action video to the gently, profoundly stirring song below.


Watch: Moonface ““Walk The Circle In The Other Direction” Video

Oct 04, 2018

Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade announced his last solo album under the name Moonface today. This One’s For The Dancer & This One’s For The Dancer’s Bouquet arrives November 2 on Jagjaguwar. In the announcement, Krug stated all future solo work would be released under his name. He also shared the video for the first single "Walk The Circle In The Other Direction". 

“I never made an album under that name I was embarrassed by, and this is one of my favorites, so I may as well get out while I still can, on a personal high note to boot,” said Krug in a press release. “Take this album as a sort of parting gift before Moonface sails into oblivion; the alter-ego’s final offering.”

Bring it.