“Michelangelo Antonioni (Caetano Veloso Cover)” MP3 Stream

Sep 17, 2012


It’s not a new album (or even a new album on sheet music) but today Beck unleashed Caetano Veloso cover, “Michelangelo Antonioni.” The new tune comes virtue of a new covers album, where the likes The Magic Numbers, Mutantes, Devendra Banhart and more take on tunes from the tropicalia icon. Take a listen to Beck’s appropriately favored tribute below. 


Acid House Kings

“Save it For The Weekend” MP3 Stream

Sep 15, 2012


Kick off your Saturday with a track from Acid House Kings. The rattle-pop gem comes from their recent reissue of 2002 album Mondays are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are Like Wednesdays. In the upbeat tune, the band offers what’s perhaps the best advice you’re going to get today—save it for the weekend. Which (checks watch) means right about now. Click play below and dance it out. Need more music for your weekend? Check out the mixtape the band made for us here


Get People

“Cupid’s Curse” MP3

Sep 14, 2012

Listen to this track

London-based band Get People has a new song download to get potential fans excited about their debut album, due next year. The song is called "Cupid's Curse" and it's described in a press release as "a five-minute soundscape displaying some of the experiments in sound design the band have been exploring for use in next year's debut album." An animated video has been released to accompany the song, one that is supposed to give a hint of what to expect from the projections in the band's new live show. The band will be playing their first U.S. live dates this fall, in honor of the American release of their Harmonize EP.

Get People share a practice space with fellow Londoners Arthur Beatrice, who were interviewed in the Pleased to Meet You section of our Spring Issue.


And you can also check out the "Harmonize EP": 



Premiere: “Work for the City” video

Sep 14, 2012

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JAN is the alter ego of Kim Talon of alt-rock duo Eagle & Talon (guess which half). Her self-titled début album is out on November 13th, but until then we're very excited to premiere the riot grrrl-esque lead track "Work for the City" here. Fans of that middle ground between melody and grunge will undoubtedly enjoy the song which will open the forthcoming LP. I warn you now the video is slightly NSFW and just a touch creepy.

By Dan Lucas


“Girl in the Fog” MP3 Stream

Sep 14, 2012

David Leveseque, AKA Levek (does this cod-eponymousness make him music's Louis CK?) has made a name for himself as a purveyor of multi-layered psychedelic records. New song "Girl in the Fog", which you can listen to here, is a more stripped back, sparser affair that remains well rooted in the same early 70s aesthetic. If Nick Drake had grown up in the sunshine of Levesque's native Orlando rather than the smoke stacks of Newcastle, England then this is what he may have sounded like.

You can see Levek at the following dates:

09/21 Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
09/22 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Green Room (What the Cuss, Wes Anderson event)
09/24 Gainesville, FL - The Church of Holy Colors

10/06 Miami, FL - Bardot
10/18 Brooklyn, NY - CMJ @ Glasslands (Force Field PR Showcase)
10/19 Brooklyn, NY - CMJ @ Public Assembly (Panache Showcase)
10/24 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10/25 Lexington, KY - Al's Bar
10/26 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
11/09 Orlando, FL - Plaza w/ Deerhoof

Levek on Facebook

By Dan Lucas

Black Forest Fire

Premiere: “Live News Feed” MP3

Sep 13, 2012

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Check out this new song from Black Forest Fire. Like fellow Austinites Explosions in the Sky, the trio is all about glorious, post-rock bliss. Today we’re proud to premiere “Live News Feed,” a cut from their forthcoming album, Transit of Venus, due out November 13. Download the track above.


Rupa and the April Fishes

Premiere: “gone” MP3 Stream

Sep 13, 2012

Today we’ve got a new track to premiere from San Francisco-based, Hindi/ Tzotzil/ French band, Rupa and the April Fishes. “gone” is a down and dirty R&B barn barnburner—think Amy Winehouse after a college gap year spent traveling the world.  

“We recorded the drums on this tune and the kick drum was too straight,” reveals frontwoman Rupa. “[Producer] Todd Sickafoose gave me 10 minutes during a break to figure out a new sound that I thought would fit better with sound engineer Scott McDowell. He stepped away and when he returned, he found me stomping out the kick drum on a turned over bedside table and several mics to pick up the different tones that came from the impact of my footsteps. The fun we had in the studio making this album—the whole process felt open, exploratory and deeply collaborative. The sound of a heart breaking, door shutting, footsteps walking away for the very last time. Anything that was not an instrument yet could still make sound in the studio was employed in making the rhythm track for this tune. Plastic bags, a bedside table, even a 2 month old child.”

If you like what you hear, their new album BUILD streets October 2. 

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Teen Daze

“Union (Feat. Frankie Rose)” MP3 Stream

Sep 13, 2012


On November 6, Teen Daze releases his second offering for the year, a hazy dance album The Inner Mansions. Earlier today, the nameless producer dropped a second cut called “Union,” with fits nicely into previous efforts. This time out, his Deepak Chopra-worthy synths are tempered with the icy siren calls of Frankie Rose. The result? Take a listen below and get your bliss on. You can also revisit previous Mansions cut, “New Life,” here