Premiere: “Love/Pain” Live in Ill Eagle Studio

Apr 19, 2012

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Toronto-based rock group Zeus recently followed up their Polaris Music Prize-nominated debut Say Us with their new sophomore album Busting Visions. Apparently feeling that one time recording the record wasn't enough, the Canadian four-piece headed back into their Ill Eagle Studio not too long ago to capture the whole thing again, but time around live to tape. As an added bonus, over 10 cameras were put in place to the capture the action, including this exclusive take of the band's song "Love/Pain."

The Pale Corners

“REM” Video

Apr 18, 2012

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After recently debuting their latest single "REM," Swedish five-piece The Pale Corners have turned around a rather enigmatic music video for the track. Directed by Vertical Archive, the clip features a man with a deep obsession with collecting, archiving, and book-keeping. On further examination the dishelved individual seems to be the one in charge of a hospital's medical records, storing the last bit of information on patients in his own private library, keeping some sad sense of continued life with stacks and stacks of papers.




Premiere: “We Could Be Arsonists”

Apr 16, 2012

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San Francisco/Bay Area’s Loquat are soon to release their third studio album We Could Be Arsonists on Apr. 24 via Nacional. Completed at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA, the album was actually recorded while frontwoman Kylee Sweson Gorden was pregnant with her now 1-year-old son. Despite going through morning sickness and all sorts of hormonal nose dives, it didn't stop Gorden from churning out such quality songs as the record's title track, which you can listen to for the first time by clicking above. 

Glen Hansard

“Philander” Video

Apr 13, 2012

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Progressing from the role of frontman with The Frames, starring and earning an Academy Award for Best Song on the motion picture Once, and making an indellible impression thanks to his work as part of The Swell Season with musical partner Marketa Irglova, singer/songwriter Glen Hansard is stepping out on his own for his debut solo album Rhythm and Repose. Inspired by Hansard's last year and half living in New York City, the record is due out June 18. Click to check out the record's first single "Philander," which features Hansard making the best of being alone in a empty room.

Lost in the Trees

“Golden Eyelids” Video

Apr 13, 2012

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Ari Picker, frontman of North Carolina band Lost in the Trees, finds himself taking a prolonged swim in the music video for "Golden Eyelids," demonstrating just how ghostly people can look when their submerged in dark water and fully clothed. The metaphorical River Styx seems to fall in line rather well considering the death of Picker's mother was what largely inspired the band's latest album A Church That Fits Our Needs. Click to watch. 

Zulu Winter

"Silver Tongue"

Set to release their debut full-length Language on June 19 via Arts & Crafts British five-piece Zulu Winter have unveiled follow-up track to the excellent track "We Should Be Be Swimming." The new cut "Silver Tongue," is meant to serve as the LP's first proper single. Give the synthy electro pop a listen below.


Battles Within EP

Maybe because its cold weather limits its inhabitants' recreational activity, but Sweden just seems to breed great pop artists. Joining the pedigree is Malmö-based duo Catharina Jaunviksna & Niklas Tjäder. Performing under the name Badlands, the pair is soon to release their debut EP Battles Within on April 20. Give it an early listen via the premiere stream below.  

On April 10, Zambri will release their debut full-length, House of Baasa. We’re big fans of the sisters’ eerie/beautiful tunes, so in anticipation of the release, we asked the band to cook us up a mixtape. Cristi Jo Zambri responded with this entry into our ongoing series. Like a Zambri album, it’s best to not ask questions and let the magic happen. (But of you’re dying to know what’s what, you can cheat and take a look at the tracklist below.)


Zambri Mix For Under the Radar Magazine by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


1. Prokofiev:  No. 2 in C sharp Minor

2. Aphrodite's Child: End Of The World

3. Nico: 60/40 

4. Bobb Trimble: Another Lonely Angel

5. The Avalanches:  Electricity

6. Autre Ne Veut: Soldier

7. Angelo Badalamenti:  Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental) [excerpt]

8. Basement Jaxx:  Mere Pass

9. Lightning Bolt: Magic Mountain [excerpt]

10. Bjork:  Unravel

11. Morton Feldman & Marianne Schuppe: 3 Voices: (legato)  [excerpt]

12. Wu-Tang Clan: Clan in da Front

13. Death Grips: Guillotine It Goes Yah

14. Portishead: Silence

15. Lydia Kavina: Melody

16. The United States of America: Where Is Yesterday

17. The Shangri-Las: Out In The Streets

18. Kraftwerk: Endless Endless