Animal Collective

Watch: Animal Collective Share Another Segment of Audiovisual Album Tangerine Reef

Aug 02, 2018

Animal Collective are up to their old tricks of stretching boundaries. Their Audiovisual album Tangering Reef in collaboration with Coral Morphologican art-science duo formed by marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay, is set for release on the 17th. It will commemorate the 2018 International Year of the Reef. Today they share another segment of what to expect. The sound seems to be a retun to their more amorphous, abstract beginnings and echoes Avey Tare's 2017 solo album Eucalyptus, which was also inspired, in part, by the ocean. Absorb...

Death Cab for Cutie

Listen: Death Cab for Cutie “Autumn Love”

Aug 01, 2018

It's fair to say that Death Cab for Cutie post Chris Walla has been...mmmmm..questionable. The Pacific Northwest vets' new album Thank You For Today is out on the 17th and they just shared the third single "Autumn Love". It's encouraging. Check it out.


Listen: S U R V I V E “Omniverse” From New Studio Album of Live Performance

Jul 27, 2018

This is mindblowing. Austin, TX synth band S U R V I V E, two of whom - Michael Stein & Kyle Dixon - crafted the wondrous score for Stranger Things, just released the digital version of an album they had released as an LP on record store day this year. Titled RR7400 : LA041717, it's a studio recording of nine songs they had performed in L.A last April. On their Bandcamp page, it calls this an "homage to the Peel Sessions" remembering the late, great DJ John Peel and his show on BBC Radio 1. Check out the track just released: "Omniverse".



Watch: Metric “Dressed to Suppress” Video

Jul 26, 2018

Toronto's Metric is coming back 'round with a new album in September, following 2015's Pagans in Vegas. The band's seventh album is currently nameless but two singles have been released. "Dressed to Suppress is the second single following "Dark Saturday" and the video was just shared. Directed by Justin Broadbent, the stark B&W footage puts you smack in the vortex of stage energies between the performers and is quite effective in doing so. Take a look and feel.

Molly Burch

Listen: Molly Burch “Wild”

Jul 25, 2018

Texas vocalist and songwriter Molly Burch is set to release the follow up to last year's Please Be Mine, continuing the feel of 60's throwback pop on First Flower, out October 5 via Captured Tracks. "Wild" is the first single. It's light on its feet and swoops in like a breath of fresh air. Thanks Molly! Check it out below.

Until the Ribbon Breaks

Premiere: Until The Ribbon Breaks “Use Me Up” Video

Jul 24, 2018

Until The Ribbon Breaks is the British duo of Pete Lawrie Winfield and Elliot Wall described as "Pete's mind, enveloped in widescreen electronica, experimental rock, and luscious orchestrations". Their acclaimed self-titled sophomore album was released in February and now Under the Radar has the premiere of the video for "Use Me Up", a morphing mash-up of the many visages of star Hollywood actresses to the track's melting electro-groove.

The imagery strikes of the strong cinematic and visual influence that has always been linked to the music. " We're so used to being subjected to Hollywood's interpretation of love that we don't know what the sensation is anymore," they reveal. "It seems so strange to hear this again, after so long. As if an entirely different person felt like this, went through this. I know because I was there, that it is about nihilism and self-sabotage, love as weaponry and not by choice. I feel sorry for this person, I hope they figure it out.....” 

The new album shines brightly, emerging through the clouds of inner turmoil that threatened to obscure it. Stream it below and soak it up.


Devon Welsh

Watch: Devon Welsh (FKA Majical Cloudz) “By the Daylight” Video

Jul 20, 2018

Devon Welsh, formerly of Majical Cloudz, just announced his new solo album Dream Songs, out August 24. He also shared the video for the beautiful third single "By the Daylight". The return of the Montreal artist's voice is very welcome. Here's some background on the new album from the press release:

Produced by Austin Tufts of Braids, the record is a collection of ten powerful songs inspired by the passing of seasons and the intricacies of love, all featuring Welsh's soaring vocals. Today Welsh shared the video for the album's opening track "By The Daylight," a song that finds him intoning, "I am a body / Stuck in a story / Things more powerful than me / Control the actions in my life."

Devon Welsh is a Montreal-based singer, songwriter, and artist. He released two critically acclaimed albums as the frontman of Majical Cloudz, an electronic duo whose intense and innovative music combined aspects of poetry, hardcore, minimalism, and folk. That project came to an end in 2016, largely because it had fulfilled its intentions. "The band has come to a very natural conclusion, as it has communicated everything it was meant to and reached more people than we would have ever imagined," said Devon at the time.

Following the breakup, Devon stepped away from music for a year. "I wrote songs but didn't think about their purpose or about anything at all to do with the music industry or if I would be releasing music in the future," he said about this time, "I just tried to grow as a person and do some learning." The songs he wrote during this period would eventually become the basis for his debut solo album, Dream Songs.

Dream Songs steps out of the strict aesthetic Welsh worked in with Majical Cloudz while continuing and expanding on some of the core ideas which that project explored. The album is a series of reflections on themes: time, separation, the complexities of love, will, eternal life, the seasons. The songs are evidence of Devon's growth as a songwriter; this is his most mature work to date.


We Were Promised Jetpacks

Listen: We Were Promised Jetpacks “Hanging In”

Jul 19, 2018

We Were Promised Jetpacks is returning with a new album, The More I Sleep The Less I Dream, which will be self-released in North America and be available via Big Scary Monsters in Europe on September 14. "Hanging In" is the first single and stays true to the Scottish outfit's brand of melody and muscle. Check it out below. The band gathered themselves and refocused for the new album, cutting out the touring and placing all their attention into getting the new work to where they were satisfied, stripping away the excess to return to their high school band roots.