A Savage

Listen: A Savage “Frightened” The Fall Cover

Feb 12, 2018

We just lost the great Mark E. Smith of The Fall and A Savage of Parquet Courts has honored him properly with his cover of The Fall's "Frightened". It rumbles as Savage roars. Thanks mate.  

Walter Martin

Premiere: Walter Martin “Me & McAlevey”

Feb 09, 2018

What makes Walter Martin's (co-writer, multi- instrumentalist of the Walkmen) songwriting so welcome is often his blunt observational humor. His penetrating new song "Me & McAlevey" from his forthcoming solo album Reminisce Bar & Grill isn't without Martin's keen wit but tugs more on the emotional strings. It opens beautifully in the way an old Walkmen ballad might. Under the Radar is happy to share the premiere of the second single from the new album.

"'Me & McAlevey' is about friendship.  I’m in a period in my life where many of my old friends have moved away or fallen out of touch and 'Me & McAlevey' is about those adult friendships that find a way to last.  It’s my first joke-free song.”

Reminisce Bar & Grill is the fourth solo album Walter Martin has recorded since his band The Walkmen split in 2013. On this turn Martin shifts from the lighter material of past work, confronting realities of his stage of life with candor. Martin's bio describes, "With frankness and poignancy, Martin, now a 43-year-old married man with two young children, squarely tackles the subject of adulthood – specifically, his own. “I wanted this album to be an entertaining discussion of marriage, fatherhood, work, fear and weakness.” While Martin approaches these subject matters with candor and sincerity, he clearly also enjoys mining them for humor."

“I think this is my mid-life crisis album,” explains Martin “These days my friends and I all seem to be thinking the same dark thoughts – ‘What the hell am I doing? What the hell's going on? I’m lost. I’m running out of time and I’m doing everything wrong. And I’m probably dying.’ This is definitely an insane period,” Martin continues, “but most of the time I kind of love it.”

The Goldberg Sisters

Premiere: The Goldberg Sisters “The Kids Are Alwrong”

Feb 08, 2018

Adam Goldberg is known by most of us for his numerous memorable roles on the silver screen (Saving Private Ryan, Dazed and Confused, A Beautiful Mind, Zodiac, the list goes on). A self-described "jack of all trades" Goldberg is also a musician, writer, director, producer, editor and photographer. His new psych pop album, Mood Swing, will be released April 13th under his musical moniker The Goldberg Sisters. Under the Radar is psyched to premiere one of the songs "The Kids Are Alwrong".

After providing music for some of his own films (2003’s Running With the Bulls and I Love Your Work in 2005), he released his first solo album, 2009’s Eros and Omissions. Goldberg recorded the dream-pop gem over a six-year period with a variety of musicians, including frequent collaborator Stephen Drozd from the Flaming Lips and subsequently released his first two albums issued under the Goldberg Sisters moniker, 2011’s self-titled offering and 2013's Stranger’s Morning, on which Goldberg played all the instruments.

The Goldberg Sisters' bio describes the new album as such: "A deeply reverential Lennon-esque vibe permeates the 13 tracks that comprise Mood Swing, particularly on the tight, sturdy rocker “Where or When or Why” and the lo-fi cosmic spellbinder “The Kids are Alwrong,” which sounds something like an unlikely collaboration between Spoon, Spector-era Lennon, and Curtis Mayfield. Goldberg cites a panoply of diverse influences including “Bowie, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, the Divine Comedy, Sparklehorse, Built to Spill, American Music Club, Curtis Mayfield, America, and Burt Bacharach to name just a few!”

About "The Kids Are Alwrong”, Goldberg says: "I wrote this late one night in lieu of interacting with a troll on social media who got my goat. The main riff was something I had been noodling with for a while and only realized it fit with the baseline while recording the album after having demoed the tune without it. I like the build, that the riff is quietly introduced with direct input guitar plunking and then crescendos  with more guitars, synth, vocals, and trumpet playing it in unison. It was such an unexpected treat.” Check it out below.


Premiere: Ruler “Not Your Friend” Video

Feb 06, 2018

Ruler is the new project of Matt Batey (Rocky Votolato, Cataldo), recently signed with Barsuk Records. Built on the principle coming from poet Robert Frost that the best way out is through, Ruler's music is a deeply personal. Batey relaocated from Montana to Seattle twelve years ago and wrote numerous songs for bands, songs he says that nobody heard. But his creative drive could not be squelched and now Batey emerges on his own with music that will surely will be heard. Under the Radar has the video premiere for the new song "Not Your Friend" one that beautifully captures the emotive current of the pacific northwest indie sound. See and hear for yourself.

"I wanted to shoot something where the majority of the frame was out of focus." says Batey about the video. "I like the idea of making things that leave a lot of space for the viewer's mind to fill in their own details. Originally this shot was a test to see how that idea worked. When I watched it back I felt that it held the song well, so decided to leave it without edits or alterations."


Watch: Slowdive KEXP In Studio Session

Feb 05, 2018

Dream Pop pioneers Slowdive returned in 2017 with one of the best albums of the year in Slowdive. Back in October they stopped through KEXP to play a live set and spoke a bit with Cheryl Waters. "Slomo", "Star Roving" and "Sugar for the Pill" from the new album were played as was "Crazy For You" from 1995's Pygmalion. Check it out:


Broken Social Scene

Watch: Broken Social Scene KEXP In Studio Session

Feb 03, 2018

Who doesn't like a little Broken Social Scene over the weekend. Some of the affable Canadians stopped through KEXP back in October on their tour for Hug of Thunder, unarguably one of the best albums of 2017. The in studio session was just posted and includes new album tracks "Stay Happy", "Skyline", "Protest Song" and a breathtaking version of "Sweetest Kill" from 2010's Forgiveness Rock Record. There's also some discussion about Broken Social Scene's return to the fold and a very touching honoring of Canadian songwriting legend Gord Downie who passed away this past October just days before this was recorded. 


Watch: Lionlimb “Clover” Video

Feb 01, 2018

Lionlimb is comprised of founding members Stewart Bronaugh (formerly of Angel Olsen's band) and Joshua Jaeger (currently of Angel Olsen's band.) Their new album, Tape Recorder, coming out February 23rd on Bayonet follows 2016’s Shoo. Lionlimb have unveiled the video for the second single, “Clover"


From the press release: On “Clover,” Lionlimb’s Stewart Bronaugh remarks, “The song is sort of about things having two sides. When something can bring you so much joy one minute and chaos the next.” He continues, “This video started to make sense of itself as we were shooting. I had just bought a 16mm camera and Joey [Bell] and I were playing around with it. Learning how to work it and coming up with ideas at the same time.”

Tape Recorder is a collection of six tracks written by Bronaugh after Lionlimb’s second European tour in Fall 2016, primarily on piano in Columbia University practice rooms. After having collaborated with a friend who plays cello, Bronaugh began expanding the songs to include violin, cello and bass clarinet. Having been the first time he scored music by hand, Bronaugh looked to ‘70s minimalist composers for research. After recording the entire album live, the resulting six tracks on Tape Recorder are reflective, soulful, and based around loose themes of family and memory. The minimal, bare-bones live recording of the album and collaborative orchestration of the music give Tape Recorder a deeply human and tangible beauty.


Lionlimb will soon bring the songs of Tape Recorder to life with performances at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn on February 23rd, Peanut Gallery in Chicago on March 9th and Soft Junk in Nashville on March 10th.

Alela Diane

Watch: Alela Diane “Ether & Wood” Video

Jan 30, 2018

It wasn't long ago, when sifting through some old cd's, that I came across Alela Diane's magnificent 2006 debut The Pirate's Gospel and wondered where she went. Not far it turns out. She hasn't released a proper solo album since 2013's About Farewell though and her new one Cusp has been queued up with the release of its first two songs, Émigré" and "Ether & Wood". The video for "Ether & Wood was just shared and you can watch it below...Welcome back Alela.