Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood: “Cardamom” MP3 Stream

Aug 27, 2015

As Weyes Blood, Natalie Mering architects psych-folk laments that have the power to make isolation feel regal or cause intimacy to sound haunting. Below, you can listen to Mering's latest, "Cardamom," a hushed, home-recorded tale of romantic yearning embellished with Medieval-sounding flutes. The song will be featured on the Cardamom Times EP, which will be released on October 9 through Mexican Summer.



Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp

“Long Beach Idyll” MP3 Stream

Aug 26, 2015

While so many would-be summer anthems are content to frolic in the sand, "Long Beach Idyll," the latest from the duo of Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp, seems to have arose from the waters of deep meditation. The zoned-out track finds Forsyth's complex knot of electric and acoustic guitars gliding tranquilly atop Holtkamp's spectral, kosmische-inspired synth drones. "Long Beach Idyll" was taken from The Island, which is set for an October 16 release through Trouble In Mind.


“Turncoat” Video

Aug 25, 2015

Chicago's Ne-Hi trades in glistening guitar hooks that are indebted to jangly ‘80s college rock at its most generous. However, the quartet's just-rowdy-enough rhythms and shout-along group vocals have more in common with the kind of agreeable classic rock standards that can turn closing time into a wistful celebration.

Below, you can watch the easygoing yet world-weary clip for the band's latest track, "Turncoat," which suits the song's amber-gilded, end of summer vibe just fine.



Yumi Zouma

“Right, Off the Bridge” MP3 Stream

Aug 24, 2015

New Zealand's Yumi Zouma has shared "Right, Off the Bridge," an early, unreleased outtake. The disco-inflected dream pop gem will be available on a forthcoming 12-inch compilation, which will also collect both of the band's prior EPs and the Air France collaboration "It Feels Good To Be Around You." The comp is due out September 18 on Cascine, though you can stream the whole thing on soundcloud now. Listen to "Right, Off the Bridge" below.


Lou Barlow

“Wave” MP3 Stream

Aug 21, 2015

Earlier of this month, Lou Barlow announced Brace the Wave, the first proper full-length to be released under his own name in six years (though a Sebadoh album surfaced back in 2013). While lead single "Moving" was defined by the stoned, bedroom-marooned insularity Barlow has mastered over the decades, delicate new acoustic track "Wave" finds the lo-fi lynchpin expertly undercutting open-hearted sentiments with a pensive, pleading stream of thoughts. Listen below.

“Here in Iowa” MP3 Stream

Aug 20, 2015

Swedish duo Korallreven is calling it quits, but they're not leaving us empty handed. The dreamy electro-pop pair has bowed out gracefully with the characteristically magical "Here In Iowa." Listen below, and read some final words from the band:

"It has been a trippie trip, sort of a dream come true, sort of a dream become shattered. Kinda incredible how Korallreven, with this weird name in Swedish snowballed from bedroom recordings in Stockholm into a headlining US tour, festivals around Europe, amazing collaborations and all this love we " class="playa-status-open plahave felt from all around. It's been magic, but there is a time for everything and an end to everything too, also with Korallreven.

So, enjoy this single, as you would the last drop of fresh water in the jungle. It sort of underlines exactly everything we wanted to do from the beginning but never yet achieved. Lifelovingness, big words and melancholy in three and a half minutes, for the last time.

Daniel & Marcus"


“Bloor Street And Pressure” MP3 Stream

Aug 19, 2015

"Bloor Street And Pressure" is the latest piece of warmly warped synth-psych from Toronto's Grounders. It's constructed from simple, repetitious layers that bubble and gnaw in all the wrong ways, but somehow sound just right when woven together. Stream the playfully knotty track below.


Menace Beach

“Ghoul Power” MP3 Stream

Aug 18, 2015

Leeds quintet Menace Beach have unveiled "Ghoul Power," a sludgy yet singsong alt-rock throwback that's more mumbly-thunderous than quiet-loud. The single was taken from the Super Transporterreum EP, which is set for an October 2 release on Memphis Industries.