Premiere: Ambátt Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 20, 2016

Airwaves! Airwaves! Airwaves! Yup, excitement about Iceland Airwaves has hit a fevered pitch round’ Under the Radar HQ. Since we still have a few weeks left to go, we’ve asked some of the musicians playing the event to make us mixes. You know—just to keep us from terrifying friends and family alike with our excitement. Today’s comes from Iceland’s very own Ambátt. Listen below.

Need more? (Don’t lie—we all do.) Check out mixes from CoalsLet’s Eat GrandmaCeaseToneSamarisLeyya and Pétur Ben. Share in our excitement? Grab any fest info you need here.


1. Nest: Charlotte

2. Another Fine Day: Naiad

3. Handstitched: Loch Quoich

4. Edamame: Tree Shadows

5. Brambles: Half Gramme Holiday

6. Yosi Horikawa: Bubbles

7. Halo: Drift

8. Stereo Hypnosis: Subliminal Circus

9. Andrew Heath & Roedelius: To Reflect






Premiere: Coals Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 19, 2016

Iceland Airwaves is only a few weeks way. Color us excited. To help distract us until that magic hour, we’ve asked a few acts playing the fest to create us some mood setting mixes. Today’s entry comes from Polish duo Coals, who brought us a touch of the divine with tracks from Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Dean Blunt, and more.

Listen to the mix below. Craving more? Be sure to check out previous contributions to our special Airwaves preview series by Let’s Eat GrandmaCeaseToneSamarisLeyya and Pétur Ben. If you’re joining us in Iceland you can peep any info you might need here.


1. Dean Blunt Feat. Inga Copeland: Progression

2. Yung Lean: Ginseng Strip

3. Soap&Skin: Mawal Jawar

4. Babyfather: Shook/ Motivation

5. Lana Del Rey: West Coast

6. Easter: Alien Babies

7. Bones: Itallcomestogetherinthefinalact (Feat. Surrenderdorothy)

8. Earth Wind And Fire: September

9. Lola Marsh: Black Heart (Calexico Cover)

10. Naughty Boy: Runnin’

11. Ninio: First Song From Take Away Show

12. Bon Iver: Calgary (Sydney Version)

13. Kanye West: Real Friends

14. Allan Kingdom: Wavey Ft. Spooky Black

15. Bon Iver: It Might Be Over Soon





Let’s Eat Grandma

Premiere: Let’s Eat Grandma Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 17, 2016

We’re inching ever close to Iceland Airwaves. In honor of our trek to the Nordics, we’ve been asking bands playing the event for a pre-fest soundtrack. Today’s mix comes from experimental British teen duo Let’s Eat Grandma. They’re fans of Glass Animals, Charli XCX and SOPHIE. We’re fans of them.

Listen to the mix below. Can you dig it? Be sure to check out previous contributions to our special Airwaves preview series by CeaseTone, Samaris, Leyya and Pétur Ben. Joining us in Iceland? Sweet! Check out all the fest info here.


1. SOPHIE: Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

2. Gold Panda: Junk City II

3. Akdong Musician: 200%

4. Glass Animals: Life Itself

5. Danny L Harle: Broken Flowers

6. Marina and The Diamonds: I Am Not a Robot

7. Iamamiwhoami: Play

8. Charli XCX: Vroom Vroom

9. Panda Bear: Mr Noah

10. Hi SUHYUN ft. BOBBY: I’m Different






Premiere: CeaseTone Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 13, 2016

From November 2-6, Reykjavík, Iceland is the place to be for music lovers. Of course, we’re straight up giddy about attending our second Iceland Airwaves. In honor of this momentous occasion, we’ve asked a few artists playing the fest to make us mixes. Today’s entry in our ongoing series comes from Iceland’s very own CeaseTone. Mac DeMarco, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens...yeah, we can dig it. 

Listen to their special blend below. Need more? Wrap your ears around previous Icelandic Airwaves mixes from Samaris, Leyya and Pétur Ben. Need more? Behold the festival info in all its glory here.


0. gorillaz: orchestral intro

1. Mac Demarco: Cooking Up Something Good

2. Strokes: Is This It

3. All Tvvins: Darkest Ocean

4. Agent Fresco: See Hell

5. Sin Fang: Candyland

6. Sigur Rós: Brennisteinn

7. Flying Lotus: Zodiac Shit

8. Kendrick Lamar: Wesley's Theory

9. Avishai Cohen: Seattle

10. Kendrick Lamar: How Much A Dollar Cost

11. Sigur Rós: Rains Of Khastamir

12. Elliot Smith: Between The Bars

13. Radiohead: Idioteque

14. Sufjan Stevens: John My Beloved

15. Tallest Man On Earth: Love Is All

16. Alt J: Taro

17. Ravel: String Quartet in F major

18. Helios: Bless This Morning Year

19. Moses Hightower: Góður í






Premiere: Samaris Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 11, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re kinda stoked about Iceland Airwaves—so much in fact, we’re dedicating all of November to rolling out mixes from a few of our favorite artists playing the epic fest. Today’s entry comes from Iceland’s very own Samaris. Not only do they make some seriously otherworldly electro pop, chances are they’ll turn you on to a new favorite.

Listen below. Then revisit the previous entries in our mixtape series from Leyya and Pétur Ben. Caught the Icelandic bug? Grab any festival info you might need here.


1. Plant43: Bioluminiscent Trees

2. Volruptus: Uncharted

3. Dj Allskyns: Question

4. Space Jockeys: Fourth Gear

5. Detroit In Effect: Nothing’s Like Detroit (The Recession)

6. Ondo Fudd: Harbour

7. Drexciya: Andrean Sand Dunes

8. Univac: Radiation 1

9. Kosmodod: Hatin

10. Anthony Rother: Hacker

11. Lowdown Operation: Fermi Paradox

12. Thizone: Didn’t Lose It

13. Lowdown Operation: Under The Radar

14. Einum Of: Mature Nature






Premiere: Leyya Mixtape (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

Oct 07, 2016

So basically, November is all about Iceland Airwaves. (Our apologies to Thanksgiving, NaNoWriMo, and whatever sportsball thing may be going down.) In order to get us in a proper state of mind for the Reykjavík music free-for-all, we’ve asked a few of the artists playing the fest to contribute to our ongoing mixtape series. This entry comes from Austrian electro pop duo Leyya, who have blessed us with some Yeasayer, Angel Olsen, and Warpaint among others.

Listen below. The revisit the previous mix in our series from Pétur Ben. Coming with us to the fest? RAD! Grab any festival info you might need here.


1. Dimlite: Ronroi

2. Hot Sugar: The Girl Who Stole My Tamagotchi

3. Mndsgn: Camelblues

4. Homeshake: I Don’t Play

5. Toro Y Moi: So Many Details

6. Beyonce: Hold Up

7. Vince Staples: Norf Norf

8. Yeasayer: I Am Chemistry

9. Departement Of Eagles: No One Does It Like You

10. Angel Olsen: Shut Up Kiss Me

11. Warpaint: New Song

12. Lana Del Rey: Off To The Races

13. Thee Oh Sees: The Dream

14. The Frightners: Dispute

15. Bilderbuch: Sweetlove





Iceland Airwaves goes down exactly one month from today. To help pump us up for our trip to Reykjavík (as if seeing PJ Harvey, Warpaint, and Julia Holter wasn’t exciting enough) we’ve recruited some of our favorite artists playing the fest to make us a celebratory mixtape.

The first one in our special series comes from Iceland’s own Pétur Ben. He calls this blend of songs paintexblueprint and says the songs from Aphex Twin, Sun Kil Moon, Caribou and more have influenced his upcoming album blue. Listen below. Making the journey with us? High five. Grab any festival info you might need here.


1. The Doors: Bird of Pray
2. Mica Levi: Lonely Void

3. Gyða Valtýsdóttir: Seikilosh Epitaph

4. Bonnie Prince Billie: I See a Darkness

5. Aphex Twin/Alarm Will Sound: Blue Calx(arr. C. Burhans)

6. Sun Kil Moon: I Know It’s Pathetic

7. Kaija Saariaho: Oltra Mar V. Souvenir de vagues 

8. Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld: The Rest Of Us 

9. Baka Forrest People: Limbindi and Voices

10. Caribou:  Melody Day (Four Tet remix)

11. Aphex Twin: Piano Un1 Arpej

12. Women: Group Transport Hall

13. Oneohtrix Point Never: ECCOJAMC1 

14. Valgeir Sigurðsson: Big Reveal 

15. PJ Harvey: My Beautiful Leah

16. Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and the 17. Rajasthan Express: There Are Birds In The Echo Chamber

18. Gravenhurst: Circadian

19. Hildur Gudnadottir: Aether

20. Mugison: Deep Breathing 

21. Arvo Part: Da Pacem Domine






Drugdealer: “Easy to Forget” (feat. Ariel Pink) Video

Sep 30, 2016

Drugdealer is the project of Michael Collins and his debut full-length, The End of Comedy, came out a few weeks back on Domino imprint Weird World. It features collaborations with Weyes Blood ("Suddenly") and Ariel Pink ("Easy to Forget"). Now the latter has a video directed by Collins that features, according to a press release, "an aspiring actress that he found wandering the streets of Los Angeles." In the video a smoking woman drives around town. 

Collins had this to say about the video in a press release: "I had this chord progression that I came up with right after I moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago, and then ended up writing it into a full song with Ariel. It was one the first things that felt seriously indebted to simply being on the west coast, and specifically recalled a sound from Los Angeles that I was always into. In LA, you often meet people who are actors on the street - uber drivers, waiters, valet, musicians, etc. We met Christiana Von Neissen (the actor in the video) this way - she was working at a bar. Immediately, she engrosses people in fabulous wandering storytelling, and sort of embodies a spirit of LA that I've come to love. I like videos that are more about setting a stage than coming up with tangential narrative to explain music; basically portraiture. We worked with her, a tour van, then we dressed and filmed two other people (Shags and Ben) who worked heavily on the album." By Christopher Roberts