Jess Williamson

Premiere: Jess Williamson Mixtape

Dec 19, 2014

Before we all take off for all matter of Christmas/winter activities, we figured we’d leave you with one last mixtape. This one comes from Austin-based musician Jess Williamson. It’s a tribute to both her home state and time of year called December in Texas.

“December is my favorite month of the year,” Williamson says of her inspiration behind her musical picks. “I love the still and mild winters we have in Texas, where it’s rare but not unheard of to be warm enough some days to swim. For the past few years, I’ve been going out to West Texas at the end of December for New Years. It is an energetic and reflective place to consider the passing year and the new one ahead. This playlist is inspired by December in Texas, long drives out to the desert, and the West Texas landscape.”

Listen to Williamson’s mix below. For more, revisit our “Pleased to Meet You” interview with the musician here. Williamson’s debut album Native State is out now on Brutal Honest.

Jess Williamson Mixtape for Under the Radar Magazine by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud

December in Texas tracklist:

1. Arthur Russell: Lets Go Swimming

2. Willie Nelson: Pretty Paper

3. Borges reading his poem ‘Texas’ over Ry Cooder’s version of ‘Canción Mixteca’

4. Smog: Held

5. Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

6. Bruce Springsteen: State Trooper

7. Santo & Johnny: Sleepwalk

8. Dwight Yoakam: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

9. John Fahey: A Raga Called Pat (Part 4)

10. Michael Hurley: Werewolf

11. Roy Orbison: In Dreams (Live)

12. Cat Power: No Sense

13. Townes Van Zandt: Texas River Song

14. Leonard Cohen: Dear Heather

15. Bob Dylan: Wigwam



Karin Park

“Look What You’ve Done” Video

Dec 18, 2014

The video for Karin Park cut “Look What You’ve Done” features the Swedish singer/songwriter dancing it out in an old warehouse. It’s an artsy black and white clip, its extreme camera angles and crazy cuts highlighting the electro pop tune’s dark undercurrent. Check out the Pål Laukli directed cut below.




Premiere:  “I’m in Love (Gonzalo Remix)” MP3 Stream

Dec 18, 2014

Stockholm-based artist Zhala makes spacey electronic pop. (It’s no accident that she was the first musician signed Robyn’s Konichiwa Records.) But when producer Gonzalo got a hold of her new single “I’m in Love” he sent the song into orbit.

“I'm in love with Gonzalo, his version of my song is like a majestic feather floating around in a pastel sway room,” says Zhala of the rerub. “It's rose and Venus scented, and the energy is so vibrant that everyone blushes.

Check out the original tune here, and then wrap your ears around our premiere of the remix below. Her single "I'm in Love" is out now. 




“Veritas” Video

Dec 18, 2014

In Oceaán new video for Grip cut “Veritas,” a pair of dancers get down in Peckham. It’s a nice compliment to the producer’s super smooth electro R&B. Watch the Ozzie Pullin-directed video below. Grip is out now on Chess Club


Tour Dates:

01-22 - The Waiting Room, London

01-23 - The Eagle - Manchester

01-29 - The Waiting Room - London

01-30 - The Eagle - Manchester


Blue Hawaii

“Agor Edits Mixtape” MP3 Stream

Dec 17, 2014

Montreal duo Blue Hawaii are capping off 2014 with a mixtape featuring an unreleased track called “All Of My Heart” as well as several edits of older tracks. It’s almost enough to cheer us up after hearing that Raphaelle Standell will be taking 2015 to focus on her other project, Braids. But hey, at least Alex “Agor” Cowan will be keeping the name alive with “DJ Blue Hawaii” sets. So be sure to look forward to those at SXSW this year.



Oxford Drama

“Limbo” MP3 Stream

Dec 17, 2014

Oxford Drama combines sweet vocals and melancholy electronics to create a (dare we say it) dramatic effect. But the Polish duo is worth much more than a cheesy pun. Check out their haunting debut single "Limbo" below. If you’re digging it, stay tuned—the pair just signed to Brennnessel records.


Peter Morén

“Hit Where it Hurts (Sportsman Remix)” MP3 Stream

Dec 16, 2014

Peter Morén’s jaunty Broken Swenglish Vol. 2 track “Hit Where it Hurts” has been transformed into a downbeat electro meditation by countrymate Sportsman. It’s a surprisingly fluid, stripped back take that works well with Morén’s mournful vocals. Listen to the revamped version below.

(Via: Line of Best Fit)




“Shadows (Kitkaliitto Remix)” MP3 Stream

Dec 16, 2014

Last week we posted “Shadows,” a dark and jazzy new track from Finnish duo Phantom. That song has gotten a remix thanks to band member Tommi Koskinen (operating here under the name Kitkaliitto.) His version is dark and moody, more suited to the late night house club than brightly lit pop stage. Listen to the rerub below.