American Wrestlers

Listen: American Wrestlers “Devils”

Sep 12, 2018

St. Louis band American Wrestlers lead by Gary McClure just released a new song "Devils", which follows the single "Ignoramus", released in April. There's a new album on the horizon for American Wrestlers this year, which will follow 2016's Goodbye Terrible Youth. Sounds good to me. The lyrics for "Devils" were posted with the song on Bandcamp:

Come over my pacifist friend 
Or we wont meet again 
All winter we covered our skin 
Now you wont feel a thing 
And we'll burn with the devils we raised 
And sleep like a stone 
They'll burn with the devils they raised 
Sleep like a stone 
All love is a sorrowful theft 
Concrete from the sea 
Cold calling for the featherless men 
Fenced in by the wind 
I own the Capital 
I was born to give 
Same old servants under flowers 
Dry out in your dress 
See me cling to denial 
Like salt to the sea 
I want to sit for a while 
I wont speak 
Same sick ward since 79 
These days 
This close to the gloom 
I'm something til the living decides my fate 
There's so much time to lose