Listen: Arp “Nzuku”

Jun 06, 2018

Brooklyn artist, producer, DJ Alexis Georgopoulos, known as Arp, is releasing his fifth full-length Zebra on June 22nd on Mexican Summer. Arp just shared the second single "Nzuku" described as "Rotating on a hypnotic marimba pattern and an octave-driven bass, “Nzuku” is the sound of an ensemble working together in harmony, opening doors for one another." Take a listen. This is what Arp's label has to say about the new album:

A mutant offspring of diverse stylings, 2018’s expansive ZEBRA is a post-everything symbiosis of ancient to future psychotropics. Using forward-looking production techniques, ZEBRA is a vast, shimmering prospect, emphasizing points of connectivity, pleasantly disrupting outdated boundaries between musical traditions, hierarchies and genre politics.