Richard Swift was one of those musicians who fellow musicians adored and admired, always willing to play along and help them find their way in recording an album. He touched so many, as evidenced by the outpouring of sad recognition today from the music community he blessed. One of them was Walter Martin of The Walkmen. This was what he said about Richard in a recent interview about his solo album Reminisce Bar & Grill:

This new record has an expansiveness to it musically...and there's a wider sound compared to your other solos...

"It was a lot from [singer/instrumentalist/producer] Richard Swift. Not that he worked that much on it. He mixed and recorded a couple of songs for it. But I learned a lot from him in just the two days we were out at his studio. He uses so much reverb with a very simple approach, something that I really believe in but it's easy to forget how much I believe in that stuff. I hear a lot of him just in the way I recorded it."

Walt's current favorite song produced by Swift is Foxygen's "San Francisco" and what a great one it is. RIP Richard. It sounds like you were one special soul.