Midnight Sister

Listen: “Hitman” From Midnight Sister Debut Album

Sep 11, 2017

This past friday the LA duo Midnight Sister graced the music world with Saturn Over Sunset on Jagjaguar. The label announced it as "the ambitious, warped debut from the LA duo is a sonic thread stretched through this Hollywood multiverse."

It further elaborates aptly on the old tinseltown aura of the adventerous album. "The project of intense creatives Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian, Midnight Sister is brought to you by the isolating landscape of the San Fernando Valley – its colors, its diners, its lunatics, its neon lights. Both lifelong residents of this storied valley, Giraffe and Balouzian have only become more inspired by the area’s mythology over the years, its two-faced magical wonderland and tragic circus. And Saturn Over Sunset works almost as an album version of Altman’s Shortcuts, each song a character study of the valley’s odd personae..Saturn Over Sunset is a shared musical vision of Hollywood’s oddest corners. It is the baroque, eldritch alley you must pass through to fine the speakeasy night of your life. You’ll come out bleary-eyed and the sunrise will be pouring all pink and orange through the smog and palm trees."

Check out "Hitman" here and keep exploring the magic of this debut.