A. Savage

Listen: ‘Ladies From Houston” From Forthcoming A. Savage Album

Oct 09, 2017

A. Savage from Parquet Courts is releasing his solo album Thawing Dawn this friday on Dull Tools and has shared the clear Leonard Cohen homage "Ladies From Houston" from his superb debut. The song showcases Savage's storytelling talents and the song's warmly deliberate pace will have you following his imaginative stroll. The new song was premiered during an interview Matt Wilkinson gave for Beats 1.

Savage had this to say about the song: "I wrote Ladies From Houston after going to a small gathering of friends.  We were at the house of our friend's father, who had just died, and he had just finished selling off most of his dad's possessions so he could sell the house.  Some stuff we broke.  But a collection of erotica and photographs remained, and we all began sorting through it.  This investigation set off a string of stories that went on late into the night.  We all learned something about everyone else.  The words are based on the stories told that night."
Check it out here. You can also listen along with the lyrics provided and check out A. Savage plus Parquet Courts tour dates below.

When the night sun stops trying, if it dims without fighting
and a chorus of midnight dogs flowers from the shadows
like the ladies from Houston who walk into my house
drink coffee and talk softly, drink wine and speak loud
back at me
I've got a full ring of keys again
30 years paid in mistakes as the rent to the room that my soul vacates
Yeah she raised me like I was her own flesh and blood
and she came when I cried and I wasn't embarrassed. 
Well I knew enough Spanish to interpret a shoe
as an armed confrontation when its quickly removed and lifted
I've got a full ring of keys again
Time is a feral cats prowl blind and lost to the chase without fear or doubt
Said he's stepped into quicksand and its not like you think
said he's waited with commitment but he didn't start sinking
I said I'd fallen in line, and a few times in love
and I've raised my voice at folks I thought I was above, like a fool
I've got a full ring of keys again
Scratching glyphs into the glass of the men's room mirror to reflect my wrath
Uncle Marty was trouble, at least that's what I heard, 
Now he's dead or in prison or just gone but not missing
But I remember the burn mark, and the Speedy tattoo
and the words that he chose and the way his lips moved to make them
I've got a full ring of keys again
Nothing lies further from truth than the words from the one who says solid sooth
What's the purpose if there is one, for this televised demon
for the sadness I feel when he polutes screen
For the beer in the fridge which has halfway been tasted
That I put to my lips so that it doesn't get wasted or drank


A. SAVAGE TOUR DATES (new dates in bold)
Wed. Nov. 1 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls w/ Jack Cooper
Thu. Nov. 2 - Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Jack Cooper
Fri. Nov. 3 - Detroit, MI @ Jumbo's w/ Jack Cooper
Sat. Nov. 4 - Columbus,OH @ Double Happiness w/ Jack Cooper
Sun. Nov. 5 - Louisville, KY @ Kaiju w/ Jack Cooper 
Mon. Nov. 6 - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ Jack Cooper
Wed. Nov. 8 - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Jack Cooper 
Thu. Nov. 9 - Durham,NC @ The Pinhook w/ Jack Cooper
Fri. Nov. 10 - Washington, DC @ DC9 w/ Jack Cooper
Sat. Nov. 11- Brooklyn, NY @ Murmrr Ballroom w/ Jack Cooper
Thu. Nov. 30 - Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
Fri. Dec. 1 -Jersey City, NJ @ Monty Hall
Sat. Dec. 2 - Portsmouth, NH @ 3S Artspace
Sun. Dec. 3 - Allston, MA @ The Great Scott
Mon. Dec. 4 - Montreal, QC @ l'Escogriffe Bar Spectacle
Tue. Dec. 5 - Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
Mon. Jan. 22 - Berlin, DE @ Monarch
Tue. Jan. 23 - Cologne, DE @ King Georg
Wed. Jan. 24 - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Upstairs
Thu. Jan. 25 - Gent, BE @ Nest
Fri. Jan. 26 - Paris, FR @ Pop Up Du Label
Sun. Jan. 28 - Brighton, UK @ The Hope
Mon. Jan. 29 - Bristol, UK @ Louisiana
Tue. Jan. 30 - Leeds, UK @ Oporto
Wed. Jan. 31 - Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
Thu. Feb. 1 - Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
Fri. Feb. 2 - London, UK @ Garage

Wed. Nov. 15 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (Red Bull 30 Days in Chicago) w/ Meat Wave
Thu. Nov. 16 - Detroit, MI @ El Club w/ Bonny Doon
Fri. Nov. 17 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ The Cowboy
Sun. Nov. 19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere w/ B Boys
Fri. Dec. 15 - Sat. Dec. 16 - Buenos Aires, AR @ Festival BUE