Oneohtrix Point Never

Listen: Oneohtrix Point Never “The Pure and the Damned” (ft. Iggy Pop)

Jun 12, 2017

Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, has no doubt been retooling in his netherworld of electronic composition since his spellbinding 2015 release Garden of Delete. His new work comes in the form of a score for the film Good Time, which apparently blew people away at the Cannes Film Festival. The score was awarded Cannes 2107 best soundtrack and will be released on August 11th. Check out the moody beauty "The Pure and the Damned" featuring Iggy Pop below. Here's a little info about the project from Warp Records:

"‘Good Time’ was rapturously received by Cannes’ film critics, directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and stars Robert Pattinson (in a widely regarded career best performance) and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Pattinson’s Connie in a twisted odyssey through the New York underworld in a desperate attempt to get his brother out of jail. Watch the full trailer hereComposed for the closing scene of the film, ‘The Pure and the Damned’ features a guest vocal and lyrics written by Iggy Pop - a delivery rich with uncomparable weight and wisdom."