Sam Evian

Listen: Sam Evian 7” “Cherry Tree b/w Roses”

Mar 04, 2019

Sam Evian, aka Sam Owens, is a brilliant musician, if you didn't know. Case in point - his new 7" Cherry Tree b/w Roses. The former track in particular packs a soulful classic rock wallop.  

Cherry Tree” and “Roses” will be released by Saddle Creek as a limited edition 7” (250 copies). The 7” comes on the heels of Sam’s 2018 sophomore album, You, Forever. 

Here's the background from Sam's bandcamp page:

You, Forever was Sam Evian's first foray into a more soul-baring sensibility. Released in the summer of 2018, the album is a beautiful collection that glows with an intense, slow burn. It was hailed by Pitchfork as a collection of songs that are “gentle and sweet but avoid the most saccharine tendencies of soft rock.” Last fall, Sam released a version of the You, Forever track “Next to You” with vocals by Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino. It lit up playlists. Paste magazine said “The track is a beautiful little diamond of Sunday morning guitars and Marvin Gaye-style bass grooves.” 

Now, two new songs shine a light on the evolution of Sam Evian's music. “Cherry Tree” is a daydream of the first warm hints of spring, which came to Sam as he took in the sun under a cherry tree in New York’s Central Park. It was also the first song that Sam Owens ever released as Sam Evian. It has remained a fan favorite and a staple of the rousing live set. “Tell me life’s a passing cloud,” he urges amid a charming backdrop of lilting guitars, gorgeous piano flourishes, and a swelling harmony-vocal chorus. 

Accompanying “Cherry Tree” is the hazy lament of “Roses,” a new, unreleased song from the You, Forever sessions which offers a lyrically complex but equally reflective outlook as its counterpart. “I'll buy an old conversion, drive it down the great west coast,” Sam sings. “Who knows how far she’ll make it in this world.”