Wolf Parade

Listen to “Valley Boy” from forthcoming Wolf Parade Album

Jul 20, 2017

With a string of reunion shows and an EP last year, Wolf Parade made its rabid fans very happy. Now with the announcement that a new album, Cry Cry Cry, will hit in October, one that came with a taste of what's to come in new song "Valley Boy", there's reason to be ecstatic.

Wolf Parade will release the thunderous Cry Cry Cry, the band’s first new album in seven years (and fourth full-length overall), worldwide from Sub Pop on Friday, October 6th, 2017. The album will be available in Canada from Universal Music.

Co-frontmen Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner both described the special bond within Wolf Parade that inevitably drew them back together:

“The band itself is almost a fifth member of the band, something more or at least different than the sum of its parts,” says Spencer Krug. “We don't know who or what is responsible for our sound, it's just something that naturally and consistently comes from this particular combo of musicians.”

“Once we got back together, I was playing guitar, writing and singing in a way that I only do while I'm in Wolf Parade,” says Dan Boeckner, who shares primary lyrical and singing duties with Spencer. “It’s just something that I can't access without the other three people in the room.”

Get all the good on the new Wolf Parade album on their Sub Pop page here, and listen to "Valley Boy" below.