Methyl Ethel

Methyl Ethel: Stream New Album – Everything Is Forgotten

Mar 06, 2017

The upstarts from Perth, Australia, Methyl Ethel have mounted a steadily building buzz since their debut last year, Oh Inhuman Spectacle. Their anticipated second full-length, Everything is Forgottendropped Friday and has been getting rotation since. The trio has somehow seemed to strike a balance between Hall & Oats, George Michael and a spiral of glam rock and syth pop of their own that feels both pleasantly dated and fresh. Stream it below.

The Band's label 4AD had this to say about the new album: "Methyl Ethel’s second full-length, the record is a vivid, compelling and mysterious creature, all curvaceous pop nuggets and enigmatic currents.  Written and recorded by Perth-based frontman Jake Webb, it was brought to life by acclaimed British producer James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals).  The pair’s collaboration has infused Methyl Ethel’s shoegaze dream-pop palate with electronic and polyrhythmic flourishes, allowing Webb’s keening, gender-fluid vocals and searing poetry to take centre stage."