Premiere: MAIN - “Only You” Video

Jul 18, 2017

Known for his rhythmic bass handiwork in Frankie Cosmos, multi instrumentalist and producer David Maine has ventured out on a solo mission, leaving the roads of indie rock, wide eyed into the lairs of electronic production. His four track debut Dem EP sees him writing and producing on his own for the first time and he's taken cues from some of his heroes like James Blake, Madlib, and Tycho, while fashioning his own nighttime laptop variations. Press for the Dem EP describes, "The result is a distant relative to the acts and producers that Maine was listening to, but fully reflects the world of sparse home recording his previous projects are known for." 

Under the Radar has the video premiere of EP single "Only You" featuring singer Wujong Farrant, which stylistically represents the decidedly different electronic moods for Maine on MAIN. It also features some dope moves from a dancer who goes by "The Ghost of New York". Director Pierre xoxo colors in his approach to the video through the song:     

"The idea at the start was inspired by the streets of late night Chinatown and the characters that all intersect in those narrow streets. I love the colors of the lights and the architecture down there. Around the same time I was shown some photos of different artists living in the Chelsea hotel in the 60s and 70s. The rooms are filled to the brim with books, magazines, coffee cups, instruments, and tvs all cluttered in this tiny box. It looks like they've been holed up there for months and haven't come out.

When I listen to "Only You" I hear the two singers having a conversation, a sort of intimate back and forth between these characters trying to figure out what their relationship is, wondering, are we more than just friends? It feels like something you'd stay up all night talking about, maybe not leaving your room for days. At some point they go out for a late night bike ride through the city, passing these characters as they go but not even really noticing them.They ride and ride through the cool air of late night NYC until they reach the edge of the city."

It's an interesting new turn for MAIN, from influences that actually began long ago. Check the vibes on the "Only You" video below.


Dem EP tracklist:

1. Only You 

2. O M G 

3. DARK (stream) 

4. Waves