Cat Clyde

Premiere:“Mama Said”: Live Video in NYC

Feb 09, 2017

Cat Clyde has emerged from the woods of Canada, picking up her acoustic guitar that backs her vintage blues song to lovely affect. Growing up in the forests of Ontario, she lived in a kind of time warp and to this day is pretty much blissfully unaware of all modern day pop culture, contouring her songwriting from her family's old vinyl collection. As such, her music has a throwback quality, and at the same time her sweet, palliative voice brings to mind contemporaies like Sylvan Esso's Amelia Meath and Alela Diane, "by retooling old bluesy sounds with a modern urgency and fresh vocalism". 

Clyde's debut album Ivory Castanets is due this spring and the first single "Mama Said" is bending ears. Clyde recently traveled to the States for the first time to play "Mama Said" and other songs at Berlin in New York City and Under the Radar is premiering the video, produced by Convicts NYC. Clyde shared her newcomer feelings in an endearing way. "It was all very overwhelming the first time I went to New York. I was extremely nervous, and had never really been interviewed before. It was exciting, but also strange." We're looking forward to Clyde growing more comfortable in the role of sharing her music, because it's good. Check out the premiere of "Mama Said" live at Berlin, NYC, which also includes some of her interview with Convicts. The official video lies below. – Charles Steinberg