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Elijah Wolf

Premiere: Elijah Wolf “Far From Heaven” B-side From Debut Album

Nov 07, 2018

Elijah Wolf hails from The Catskills mountains in New York and his debut album refers to where he grew up there. On The Mtn Laurel Rd. came out back in September and it's a listen well worth your while. Under the Radar now has the premiere of b-side "Far From Heaven", produced by Simone Felice of the Felice Brothers. You can feel the Woodstock woodlands of his origins pervading through this uplifting song. 

"'Far From Heaven' was written while spending a week in the Catskill Mountains with producer & songwriter Simone Felice," recalls Wolf "It felt fitting as we were both born in those Mountains. We spent the first bit of these sessions in his own studio, listening to music, throwing ideas back & forth, playing around on guitar/drums, talking about life. Once we had the songs figured out we joined David Baron in his Sun Mountain Studio, deeper out in the Catskills, & began recording. All three of us played the instruments & found our way to this song, 'Far From Heaven;' a song about understanding the changes around you as you grow older. "

On The Mtn Laurel Rd. is a culmination of a year of familial upheaval for Wolf and its meaning translates throughout. Building from influences like Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, Wolf's tangible folk-tinged music authentically addresses the grappling we all must encounter at one point or another.