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Premiere: Parks “Fools” Video

Nov 09, 2017

Boston five-piece Parks did not ride the facile road toward its emergence, encountering one setback after another in putting together its self-titled debut album. They're here now though and here's to perseverance. Their first single, "Sweater Weather," released in earlier this year, won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and inspired folks like the Lumineers and Tennis to ask them to share their stages. Under the Radar has the video premiere of their next single and lead track from the forthcoming album "Fools".             

Parks' frontman Brian E. King describes how all of the difficulty turned out to be a blessing in disguise: “All the delays and the record taking so long to come together gave me the opportunity to explore more abstract and vibe-y sounds to push the songs beyond catchy melodies and average lyrics,” says King. “The songs are deceptive since they never stay on the same path for too long. There are lots of twists and turns....Making this album coincides with the worst time in my life. My mom died. The band lineup was in flux. My girlfriend, also my bandmate and best friend, and I broke up. I got diagnosed with stage-zero stomach cancer. It was a complete roller coaster,” says King, before adding with a laugh, “But I couldn’t be happier with this record."

King had this to say about "Fools": "The song is about leaving behind the seemingly endless obstacles in life — whether they're personal, romantic, or even creative ones. But also leaving behind negative people and not-so-great friends, too. I've felt a lot of loss in my life, and the concept of running out of time is terrifying, so hopefully, this is a little anthem for everyone dealing with the bullshit of everyday life and feeling trapped."

Parks is King, Stu Dietz on guitar, Andrew Jones on drums, Rob Johanson on bass, and Robin Melendez on backing vocals.