Quiet Hollers

Premiere: Quiet Hollers - “Funny Ways”

Jun 13, 2017

Ahead of the new album from Louisville's Quiet HollersAmen Breaks - out July 7th via indie label sonaBLAST!, Under the Radar has the premiere of their second single "Funny Ways". It's an inviting stream of classically tinged rock that highlights the group's evolution, guided by the silky vocals of singer/guitarist Shadwick Wilde.

The new album follows the group's 2013 alt-country styled debut I Am the Morning and 2015's resonating self-titled sophomore effort Quiet Hollers. Amen Breaks is thematically concerned with existential issues fought both internally and externally and they've turned to vintage drum machines, strings, brass and samples to reflect these tensions. As stated in their bio "The album draws parallels between the modern entertainment landscape and the cultural crossover of the 1970s-- another decade marred by division, political corruption, and terrorist bombs."

The conscious Mr. Wilde had this to say about the new song: “Funny Ways is about criminality, and the self-perpetuating prison-industrial complex.  Have you ever had a friend that just can't stay out of trouble? That's who I wrote this song for. I've got a bunch of those-- used to have more. I have a problem staying away from crime in my writing. But we have a problem in this country, wherein we have 4 percent of the world's population, and 22 percent of the world's prisoners. Is our country more violent or thieving than others because we built it on genocide and slavery, the theft of a person's life?  Maybe. Or are we over-policing our communities of color and using their minor drug offenders for slave labor?  Maybe. I'm just out here trying to encourage some dialogue.”


Upcoming Quiet Hollers Tour Dates:


6/23 – Summer Solstice Festival – Yorkville, IL

6/30  - The Basement – Nashville, TN

7/14 – The Forecastle Festival – Louisville, KY

7/28 - Riverwest - Milwaukee, WI

8/03-06 – Mile of Music Festival – Appleton, WI

8/24 - WBJB Songwriters on the Beach - Belmar, NJ

8/25 - Pioneer - Indianapolis, IN


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