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“Scissor” MP3

Dec 08, 2009

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Last month we found out that the fifth LP from the noisy rock experimenters Liars finds them visiting the wonderful world of Sisterworld. Well, now we know much more about the American trio's new creation. It's coming out March 9th on Mute and now you can download a riotous track called "Scissor," via the Sisterworld website. It's also downloadable above.

Vocalist/guitarist Angus Andrew had this to say about the soft-loud preview track, "Scissors":  "The song is built from some strange vocal interactions I was having with myself. It's a description of someone realizing their own inadequacies." Sounds pretty deep, but not too strange from a band that recorded a "story album" about the Salem witch trials (2004's They Were Wrong, So We Drowned). Hope you enjoy the destruction.