Sigur Rós

Stream: 1st of Sigur Rós “Endless Mixtape” “Liminal”

May 08, 2018

Sigur Rós has had some groovy releases lately. A week after releasing the experimental "road trip" recording Route One, the band today they released the first installment of Liminal a project being described as a mixtape that will be continuous and added to "endlessly".

Here's a message about Liminal from their Bandcamp page: Welcome to Liminal. Liminal is an ‘endless’ Sigur Rós ambient playlist which is live today, brought to you by Jónsi, Alex Somers and Paul Corley. It will be built over linear time into a never-finished project. Albums will be released, volumes added to. Liminal, both live and locally, takes the listener to a place neither here nor there; a “liminal" space.

And the press release: Liminal is more than an ambient Sigur Rós mixtape curated by Jónsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley, however. It approaches Sigur Rós as a living, breathing eco-system, identifying the connections and blurring the boundaries between work done and work to come; between brand new music and ideas barely yet born; between songs written 20 years ago and collaborations to be made tomorrow.  

intended to be added to frequently and endlessly, the first Liminal mixtape to go live lasts an hour and includes brand new music from Jónsi in the form of 'Above, Below (Alex Somers Remix)', a piece written for underwater speakers and designed to be heard while fully submerged in a swimming pool.