Sufjan Stevens

Stream: Sufjan Stevens Live at Calvin College 2004

May 14, 2018

In 2004, Sufjan Stevens was focusing on his U.S. states themed albums, working on the one for Illinois. When he was playing live, sets were deriving from those and his beautiful folk album Seven Swans. An Alum from Calvin College got his hands on a special high quality recording of Stevens playing for his alma mater in 2004. Here's the story from his post:

I was lucky enough to receive a high quality, full-concert 2004 Sufjan bootleg from my alma mater. It’s a unique show in an early stage of his career - Sufjan plays solo with the guitar and banjo, and talks about his “new record Seven Swans.” When he performs it here, Chicago is an unreleased song from an upcoming album about Illinois.

While some version of this exists on the web, it’s at a much lower quality and has three missing tracks. As far as I know this is the very first time the concert’s ever been shared in full. The quality is quite respectable at 256kbps. It’s recorded with a combination of soundboard and room mics and the mix is fantastic. Sufjan’s performance is practically flawless. It’s basically live album quality.